Reiki Healing for business improvement

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your heart touching emails and comments. These all the mails are filled with so much of positive energy, and we are overwhelmed with the gratitude towards you and Reiki healing energy. We all the Reiki energies of our centre Reiki Energy Healers are thankful to you all for you love and support to us. 

Today, we got an interesting email from our fellow receiver from United States, who was having a bad business since 2009, and it was getting very bad. She was into a real estate business and was a broker. She was doing good until 2009, when the recession broke her back. She came to us in 2011 for Reiki healing for her business improvement, using distance Reiki healing. She sounded sad, since she was a single mother, but wanted to do anything for her business, as it was the only source of income for her. We did distance Reiki healing for her business, over a time of one year, but the improvement was very little. We were confused, as on we were using every possible way and procedure for healing we knew. 

We did Psychic Attack removal, Kineseology, Psychic surgery and norml Reiki healing procedures too, but nothing was as to we could share. One day, while we were discussing, we realised that we had forgot one major thing, and we should try to teach her Reiki for self healing, and make her try to understand a bit more of Reiki. After discussing with her, we fixed a time for her distant attunement. After the attunement, we asked her to do her self touch healing and also to draw Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki Reiki symbol on the papers or her clients. 

Error She told her after about a week that she is feeling better, and she had also started using Reiki symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen on her papers and clients. She was visualising all in their respective colours, and was trying all she could do for burning the blockages. She also told us that earlier she lied that she was using rock salt in her meals and shower or in her office and home. Now, she was using it everyday and was feeling good as some of her friends, who were of slight negative nature, stopped coming to her. 

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