Reiki symbol Hosanna

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enter site source Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your queries, suggestions and mails. These mails have been sort of inspiration for us and giving us all the positive energy, needed. Your queries and new questions, make us to write an article here, which helps us all in someway or the other.

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here follow Today, we were asked about Reiki symbol Hosanna, as we have been sharing about it in our articles here. We have been using this Reiki symbol with a great success, and most of the global users are also using it now.

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Hosanna Reiki symbol
Buy Valium Boots Hosanna Reiki symbol as used by Reiki Energy Healers

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follow site Buy Soma With Mastercard This Reiki symbol if we try to see clearly, is similar to Apta Reiki symbol in a way. It has two triangles, one could be taken for male and the other for female. It is also showing that if both male and female energies, as in Yin and Yang are united, there is a spark of energy generated, which burns any kind of negative energy or blockage. We see this in real life too, as whenever opposite sex meets or unite, the blockage is destroyed.

Buy Adipex Most of our fellow energies and tried this Reiki symbol in physical and relationship healings with with success. We too have personally checked that whenever there is a blockage in any relationship, if we draw this Reiki symbol, it helps a lot. This Reiki symbol can only be used and drawn by Reiki Masters, or all those, who are attuned for Reiki Master symbol. The procedure for using this symbol, as we used at our Reiki Energy Healers centre is given below. This can be used in person, or in distant, and the effect remains the same.

go to link First of all, we all have to cleanse our receiver, using the Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, as we always do. After this, we need to draw Reiki symbol Sei Hei ki, so as to balance our receiver and make them feel comfortable. This will also make them feel relax and lighter as this Reiki symbol works immediately at the Heart Chakra. After this, we can draw other Reiki symbols, using Vasudha, Apta, Hosanna, Rama and Reiki Master symbol Dai koo Myo in any order. 

Buy 20 Mg Ambien enter site The combination of Reiki symbols, along with a good visualisation helps in a good healing. We can here use any good visualisation for haling our receiver or self, as it helps in a faster healing.

follow site We are thankful to you all for your blessings and positive energy towards us and our fellow energies.

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Buy Valium With Paypal Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

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