Reiki energy help in case of interview

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see url click here Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your time to read our articles here, sending nice, informative queries and keep loving us. We are thankful for your kind concern in to spread positive energy in this universe and help us in being a part of it. We are trying our very best in serving the cosmic energy with our gratitude and love to every energy present here. Today, we got an interesting call from a fellow energy in Mumbai. He has been working abroad and had returned for joining some other company, so was here to meet for some interviews. He asked me a few of his questions, through which it was easy to make out that he was a quite science student and curious on how does Reiki work. He asked me on how will Reiki work as if he has to meet someone for an interview today evening, and what should he do or follow, to make a good impression on the other person. This was certainly a good question and I immediately realised that indirectly, he was asking me, on how can I help or guide him in this short duration.

Buy Valium Chiang Mai Buy Carisoprodol Fedex I at that instant, felt like I must ask him to purchase some rock salt, in for shower and meals, but before that, I must tell him the basics about it. I know that all the fellow Reiki energies at our Reiki Energy Healers’ centre, are using rock salt in their shower, meals and are also keeping some with them, all the time. This I also told him and advised him to get from the market, and even if he had taken his shower, should try to take again. However, if it was difficult, he can send his recent picture, so that we can send him distance Reiki healing energy. As we all know that rock salt will be able to burn off all the negativity and blockage from his Aura, once he took his shower in it. Also, if the intentions or vibrations of the other person are negative, they will never be able to hurt the receiver. One more point I noted in my experiences is that suppose we see a failure in our such healings, and our receiver is sad towards the failure. However, even with such failures, I would suggest our receivers and fellow Reiki practitioners to be positive and keep smiling. The failures in such cases just meant that the particular person, which was to hire, might hurt in future. Therefore, we all the Reiki healers and receivers should  be optimistic, realistic and must try to be open with each other.

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Buy Phentermine Online Us Pharmacy I am grateful to my Reiki teachers, all of my fellow energies, including you all and every energy around me here.


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