How to choose a right Reiki practitioner

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source url Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your patience, love and positive energy filled emails. We at times are excited and pleased to read your emails with different and strange queries, which make us think and work differently.

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source link source url Today, we are going to discuss about a similar query, where one of our fellow Reiki Master from Romania, asked a very interesting and energising question. She was telling about a TV show, where they were discussing about Reiki Masters and Reiki practitioners, all around the globe and that they only allow Reiki practitioners with a proper diploma or certificate to practise. They said that those who are without any diploma or certificate are spoiling this noble healing’s name. We know that there are many, who call themselves as a Reiki practitioner, but who know nothing about Reiki. They are misusing this noble name for their monetary gains.


Order Alprazolam Online From Canada Buy Mano Diazepam Now, how to identify if one is a real Reiki practitioner  is our duty, as now a days, if fake currency can be made, fake certificates can also be prepared. Mere certificates can never be any guarantee for a true Reiki energy. We discussed with some of the fellow Reiki Masters at our Reiki Energy Healers, and would like to share, what we felt should be followed and kept in our mind, while we look for our Reiki Healer.

click get link As per our discussion and understanding, any good and real Reiki practitioner must be following Reiki principles, such as self cleansing and charging. If any Reiki practitioner is seen as in a bad physical or financial condition, and the talks, discussions are slight bit negative. The talks and discussions will also help us understand, about the character and nature of our fellow Reiki practitioner. There are some, who try to fake their real nature, but during our discussion and talks. we can easily make out, if its real or just a fake one.

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Buy Adipex P 37.5 Mg Online enter The Reiki practitioner is always optimistic and positive about life and Reiki Healing energy, and should try to explain your every query with love and positive attitude. We have talked to many fake Reiki practitioners and have also banned them from our facebook account. They told us that they came in to this system of healing, as it was an easy money business. They were expelled from their jobs due to their lying or other reasons, and since were unable to find any good job, came in to Reiki. They read about it on Reiki, and started telling all that they do Reiki healing, but never had any attunement or learning. They proclaim themselves as attuned on youtube or audio-visual file, and learned by reading online. It was really strange as I can never believe if anything like that is possible.

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follow link here Anyway, I would request you all to go for a manual attunement, wether in person or distant, and take learning thru a proper channel. There are many such websites, which sell manuals and audio or video attunements to different Reiki levels, but I would ask you to refrain from them.

go to site I hope this article, wrtten and shared by me will help you with your queries and doubts.

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Buy Phentermine In Canada Buy Real Xanax Bars Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

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