Reiki showing the way to accept the Reality

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source enter site Dear Readers ,

Buy Diazepam Online London In the month of February my sister-in-law lost her pet Labrador. He was a very sweet dog of one and half year dog, and my sister-in-law had too much of attachment with him. It was a miracle when Reiki energy helped me to heal his pain and he left for abode.

Buy Xanax Kuwait In February 2013, suddenly my sister-in-laws pet dog, Zeek fell sick, for a week he was suffering from stomach problem, so we took it lightly as most of the time he would be suffering from it. My brother was out of town and she thought that she would tackle the situation herself, and she refrained from informing the rest of the family members.

Buy Phentermine Australia Online see My brother was called back from his work, when the condition of Zeek deteriorated. He was taken to the vet and was put on drip. Unable to see Zeek suffer, as he knew that I give Reiki healing to our pet for his good health, he called me and broke down, describing their pets condition.

source link I was on my way to my class when I received his call. Immediately I called two of my Reiki healer friends and told them about the urgent need to heal a pet. Then going back to home I called Vineet sir and explained him the situation. He assured me to go home and message him when I would start to give healing to Zeek. He would send the healing energy through a channel and the channel would be me.

source url Buy Diazepam With Paypal I did the same what was told to me. Because I was too worried as my brother disallowed me to go to the vet and inspect Zeek’s condition. He requested on the healing. As suggested, I went home and sat for bridging a channel to give healing to Zeek. For half an hour it all went well, I could feel my hands warm and the healing going to him. When nearing the half an hour I felt my palms turning cold suddenly, and I became worried. In my vision I saw Zeek waking up with energy and looked at me, and then he chooses to walk towards glowing white light. I realized that his last time has come. Still optimistic I kept on healing him. After sometime I realized that I should disconnect now and my brother informed me that Zeek left for abode. Later he told me that he died in his sleep without suffering.

Buy Carisoprodol Fedex Can Buy Adipex Gnc When I met my guru about my experience, she said that if we see our pets in the vision going towards the white light it is a good sign from the divine energy that they have left for good and there are less chance for them for a rebirth. I thanked her for sharing of the information and way back home I thanked all those who helped me in healing Zeek’s critical condition.

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go go to site Thank you Reiki energy, my parents, my gurus, my guide, my fellow energies for all the guidance and support.

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