Using Rudraksha in Reiki healing

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you and your support, love and all what you are doing for us. It is our honor to have you all with us with your comments, write ups and articles for helping us with our fellow energies to understand this whole new world. As most of you know that I just returned from Ahmedabad last Monday, 28th of January 2013 only and it was really a memorizing trip for me.

Today, we are sharing one of the unique articles here, as shared by our Romania based Reiki Master, who is going to share her vision and experiments with us. She is one of our those fellow energies, who truly believe and accept that everything in this universe or beyond is just an energy. She has been trying and working on several such energies in burning blockages and Reiki healing with good results. We are proud to have so many of similar positive energies, since it is due to them only, that Reiki is spreading and accepted globally.


Today I would like to share with you my experience with Rudraksha something I never believed that it could work so well. I found it in a Esoteric festival at Romania and as I am of a curious nature, I went to see what it was and I learned it is to be used as jewel, pendants, necklace, armband, malas. But why and what is so interesting and so important about it, fascinated me .At the presentation they taught us that it is a very precious when it is real, because fake Rudraksha exists too, because it is only the seed of a tree named Elacocarpus Garitus, which was originated from the tears of Lord Shiva. That is why Yogis and spiritual peoples used it for a fearless life self empowerment, enlightenment and so on. It can be found in the hilly regions around Himalayan, or the banks of river Ganges. Rudraksha has lot of self healing power, which means that it keeps on spreading positive energy vibrations around itself. The kind of energy it reflects depends all on its mukhies or faces it has, or in scientific terms we can understand that every face changes the angle of reflection, and they only help in the channelizing and programming of Rudraksha. Most of the people know that Rudraksha are available in 1 to 21 mukhies or faces, but there are Rudraksh may have upto 38 faces. These enriched power has an explanation since it has electromagnetic power and physical proprieties.

Rudraksha is enhancing the power of body and mind and is offering energy to the body and controls very efficiently blood pressure. Depending on her mukh or face is good for something or the other, so if used wisely, they can help in attaining our Goals with ease. There is also a Rudraksha which can be immersed in water for some hours and then peoples can drink this water for health, vigor and goal manifestations or Chakra cleansing, healing.

We should think about if we apply Reiki to the Rudraksha and or to the water where were the Rudrkshas. As I told you Rudraksha are for different kind of goals, depending upon the number of faces they possess .So different kind of Reiki healing process can be used together with the Rudraksha.

I had some visible signs by using 5 and 7 mukhi Rudraksha together with Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki for better relationship with other energies. Some better effect is done when Rudraksha is combined with gem stones and when it is a pendant with a gold or silver chain.

In ancient Vedic times, Rudraksha was a tool for diagnostic and healings. Also it seems using Rudraksha blood types and Rhesus factor can be predicted without using blood. Also using Rudraksha, we can detect unhealthy substances. Rudraksha helps in regulating the health and reducing the negative effects of bio electric energies. It is acting like a magnetic therapy on human body. Rudraksha always have a positive effect and impact on any energy, which may show slow or fast effect, depending upon the blockage.

In order to get the best results one have to treat Rudraksha as something holy, as it is worshiped in Asian countries, where it is said to be originated. It has to take care of like keeping it clean, washing it when it is necessary and to put it in sandal or mustard oil when it is the case.

Having these proprieties as I mentioned below how great could be if we have a prosperity Laxmi Rudraksha. With the correct use and application of white, golden and green light and we use some Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai Koo Myo, Zonar, Apta and Vasudha. Similarly, these Reiki symbols can also be used for healing any illness. It all depends also on which type of illness or blockage is.

I used like this but there are some Rudraksha researchers and they can give consultation for choosing which how and which combination of Rudraksha for a more fine result to each ones expectation. Well try to think about a combination of a well chosen Rudraksha or Rudrakshas with a gold chain combined with well chosen gemstone or gemstones and after that some correct Reiki treatment on it. You have this Rudraksha and you wear it. In 40-45 days you should be able to see the positive and desired results. Well Rudraksha should be wore continuously to get the effect although it is not possible for ladies at their period and while peoples is making love or is assisting to funerals or taking bath or shower. All the rest it should be wore and you can see effect.

Friends, I am sure that you all are pleased with the great information she gave us here, however I tried to edit and modify for you some of it, but if you need some more information on anything, please feel free to write to us. We are grateful to everyone of you and yours for your love, understanding and your kind understanding.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain