Warning by mother Nature

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Soma overnight fed ex no prescription Buy Alprazolam Powder Fellow energies, we are grateful for all of your love and Reiki blessings with the whole of our heart. We appreciate your kind concern with nice comments, suggestions and great information filled emails. Today, as I am told is the world’s best friend day, and I am writing it for my best friend, my mother Nature. Today, I am writing this small paper, with a hope that you will understand more about my friend and if you like, you may also be friend my mom.


http://bedfordintegrativehealth.co.uk/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1563306967.4790899753570556640625 follow link Everywhere on this Earth, we are surrounded with the love and obligations of mother nature. The oxygen we breath, water we drink, food we eat, the clothes we wear, the house we live in, our friends, family, and even our life, I meanĀ  everything is provided and due to Nature. Today, however in this developing world, because of too much of competition, growth, population, many of us want an easy money, so as to cope up with others. Due to this, everyone across the globe is also using some or the other way to corrupt the system and even the scientists, governments and public are supporting them.


enter follow url We all want to say that Nature have done nothing for us or we are never harming Nature, but the other one is. However, if we look closer at our own life, we will see that in order to reach work on time, we try to take a public or a private vehicle, creating air pollution. In our home or workplace, we are using paper or other products, or wasting other energies, which could be used again or can be done, without using even. In case of light, fan or air conditioners, we use them like it is being paid for. But we never understood this one thing that the power used is gone for ever, so we are just ending up in consuming fuels, which could be used later. Since these are all our reserves, finishing them means that our future generations will be without any fuel or power, but we are thinking of our life.

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http://amsglobalinc.com/category/events/ http://bedfordintegrativehealth.co.uk/the-therapists/kath-law-homeopath.html/https://plus.google.com/101816709158674535480 Similarly, in farms, many of the farmers are using dangerous pesticides and fertilizers, to enhance their crops even after knowing that they will corrupt the soil and health of eaters. As per my understanding, any farmer can earn upto 500 USD per acre per year, which could go upto double too ( this is what I think). However, these crops destroy the metabolism so much, that the eaters may have cancer, liver infection, thyroids, kidney infections etc., and curing them means a lot of expenses. So, in order for 1 family’s earning of about 10000 USD a year, they put the life of about 1000 people, who eat their farm’s yield.

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go here follow site I was shocked some years back, when I found out that I had thyroids and many new patients were coming in, and I am able to understand that this all is some farmer’s gift to me and others. Similar to them, there are many many other nature violators, who are corrupting and spoiling nature and now they say that Global warming is coming. Who called it in here or why is it coming and scaring us all? Why is snow on Himalayas or Antarctica melting and we are helpless?


Cheap Xanax Uk http://music-education.org/members/evangelinefied/?acpage=8 We should start today and help mother nature in retrieving her health, but nourishing her with pure energies, instead of corrupt or polluted. We should try to reduce the usage of any unwanted energy and should try to utilize what all resources we have. We all know that we can return nature with what we can, but it just need a start and a try. This try should be made from today and every other day.

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go site source link We know that there are some phases of life, when we are confused or mixed up with many things, and today is one of that day for me. I am really mixed up with many things and slightly confused too, so want an apology from you all. I am thankful to you all for your kind understanding and love to me and my articles.


http://mouthmatters.com/tag/tooth-staining/feed/ Buy Ambien Legally Online Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

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