which is a good position of placing of a Reiki healer or receiver

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ cheap soma overnight saturday delivery go to link Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your acceptance to our articles and help in spreading them to your dears and nears. We are thankful to you for sending your queries, suggestions and sharing of your nice and helpful articles, which are helping us in spreading love and light in this universe. We are always enlighten with your nice and unique questions, which sometimes give us a way in writing the article here and sharing with all of you.


http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Soma free consultation source url Today at our blog, we got a query from our fellow Reiki practitioner who wanted to know if self cleansing of Chakras is okay at ground or better on some carpet or other surface. Friends, as per our personal experience, we feel that Reiki energy transfer to ourselves or to any other energy could be taken place at any place, where one is comfortable. We all know that after learning distance Reiki healing or touch Reiki healing, one has to perform Reiki healing to their fellow energies and clear blockages of various type. Before that, there is a 21 day self cleansing program, that is given to all of us for a blockage free life and cleansing of our all seven Chakras.

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http://country-harvest.co.uk/?p=1057 source url This cleansing or healing process can be done, sitting, lying or in any position, which is convenient and comfortable to both, the Reiki healer and the receiver. There is nothing which could effect a Reiki transfer, but we must understand the comfort level and then only should perform. Being Reiki a positive energy, it can never leak or neutralized as is told by many Reiki Masters or books. Reiki only have a positive charge, which flows itself thru the negative charge, and thus nullifying and burning the blockage. Even if we touch a finger of a receiver, we are able to send the Reiki energy to the Heart of Base Chakra, however, too much blockages in the path may slow down the process. For self healing or cleansing of Chakras, we can do Reiki while in standing on ground, floor, carpet or even lying down using a pillow too. We must understand that if we are calm, comfortable, then only we are able to let Reiki flow in a free manner and can burn the blockages easily, in a lesser time.

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follow url Buy Diazepam Manchester We hope that you have understood what we intended to advise and guide you here, using this article and you will be able to follow and guide others. Our intention is to see you doing a great Reiki healing, and cleansing more of blockages, using all the positive cosmic energies. We are honored to have you all with us and are thankful to you all.

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http://music-education.org/activity/p/294523/ source link Reiki Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

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