In Reiki touch healing and should we avoid touch or do touching

follow link buy no perscription soma enter site Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind emails and are really pleased to reply your queries in the form of our articles here. As we have explained earlier too, we find it easy to reply here, since it then helps almost all the energies, who have similar doubts and slight blockages. We started this blog / website in order to clear any kind of clarification or concept clearing on any topic in Reiki healing. So please keep sending your questions or findings to us, so that we can share them here, and help all we can.

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Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping About five months back, a female visited our Reiki center, she was in her 60’s and came for her feet pain. When we saw her feet, they were blue with swelling and look like she was unable to walk easily and was suffering a lot. She asked us to do some healing for her feet, so we asked her to lie down on our bed, so that Reiki session could be performed. She lie down, and we asked her to close her eyes, so that we can start the session. We then performed a distance Reiki healing session, without touching her and since she was a female, we avoid any kind of physical contact with her. We just did that so as to avoid any kind of negative feeling in her, so completed the whole session in about 15 minutes. We then asked her to get up and feel the difference, but she was doubting us if we did anything, since we never even touched her. Similar few incidents happened with us, when we were to do Reiki healing for some other female receivers of ours, so this all was making us confused.

here We now ask our receivers, if they need a touch Reiki healing session or distance healing could be performed. We also asked them that if we can keep a distance of about 6 inches from their body, as we always try to respect privacy and discipline. However, with time and understanding, we just do as are asked, since many of receivers have this one concept or feeling in their mind that Reiki flows better when touch healing is done. However, we all know that touch never makes any much difference but if the receiver have some doubts or too much blockage, touch healing could be done on their consent.

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Order Ambien From Canada see Fellow energies, the purpose of this article is just that there are different receivers or practitioners, who may force you to do one kind of healing, but until there is a mutual consent, the healing may go useless. Our main purpose is to give a better and effective healing, so we all should just do as needed or asked for. This will be helping in their better reception of Reiki energy, and it will lead in a better flow of Reiki energy. I am sure that this small article will be able to clear your doubts my dear friend Anshu.

Buy Valium 5Mg follow We are thankful to you dear Anshu, our Reiki teachers and all of our fellow energies.

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Buy Valium In Australia Online Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

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