Learning EFT healing techniques

cheap Soma overnight delivery go to link Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for sharing so many new and interesting affirmations and methods with us and which really is a great feeling and we are filled with gratitude for you all. We are trying to learn and experiment all what we are able to and when we are sure that it will be helping others, we try to share. Thus, after the confirmation from our receivers and than getting their permission, we start using the same on them too.


http://savagelighting.co.uk/order-cheap-zithromax-canada/ http://muslimahbloggers.com/diy-t-shirt Last week, we got an interesting email from our fellow Reiki energy Mr Gagan Kumar, who has been a regular reader and receiver of Reiki energy. After reading many of our articles, he got curious and tried to find something different, on which we need to work too. He send me an email, with some details on EFT healing techniques, and which are now a days too much popular in United Kingdom and some other western countries. 


Soma 350 Mg Street Price Cheap Real Phentermine After reading the pdf file, as given by him for me to read, I got excited, as I found some new way of helping and healing. I without wasting my time, started reading it and following it than started trying on myself. I learned that I was to tap at 15 different body parts, so as to awaken any sleeping energy module or releasing any blocked energy. This was to be done holding any one of Chakra all the time, before we go for another Chakra. In all, the tapping has to be done 105 times, and than every time, we have to tap, say about 10-20 times.

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http://amsglobalinc.com/?author=82 http://beadlowmanor.co.uk/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1563490550.5674490928649902343750 We also know the same thing when we do as in Acupressure or massages, when we press or massage any blocked area, the blockage is dissolved. However, this tapping method helps it in a much faster way as it directly hits the blockage and creates a positive energy pressure, which breaks the blockage and dissolves it. In order to do distance EFT healing for others, we have to connect with the receiver and the affirmation, and tap. When we got this email from Gagan and I was reading it, I was thinking of doing some experiment, but was looking for some volunteer, which Gagan accepted to do. This was again a pleasant surprise to us, and it just assured us that positive energy was supporting us to work on this new (I mean for us) technology in burning blockages and spread of positivity.

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http://bedfordintegrativehealth.co.uk/category/perfectionism/ Order Soma 350 Mg I than used a combination of healing like PSI healing, Theta healing, Reiki healing and now this EFT healing technique. We used Reiki connection symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and than went into Theta level for healing. In this deep meditation stage, we started tapping on all the 15 parts, as learned in the notes provided to us. We did on all seven Chakras, one by one, and in all about 105 times.


Buy Soma Online Legit http://music-education.org/members/francisca3786c/activity/692099/ Now, again using Reiki and Theta healing technique, we made Reiki symbols over our Reiki grid and Mr Gagan. We know that it will be helping him and others too, and when we came back in our normal self, asked him if he felt any difference. He told us that he did felt some relief as he was having some gastric trouble and his back pain was also relieved too. Today morning again we got his email in which he told us that his pain was relieved and he felt very much relaxed.

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http://crudengroup.co.uk/services-and-sectors/sectors/other-general-building/new-islington-footbridge-manchester/ Buy Valium Brazil After reading his email and getting confirmation from a few others too, we were able to see that EFT helped us in helping others too. So now on, we will be using this combined form of energies and methods to heal and help our receivers. We are sure that after reading it, you all might also try to use this or any new combination in your healings and get good results. We are thankful to Mr Gagan and you all for being a good receiver and sharing such a great healing technique.


Buy Ambien Legally Online Buy Valium From Canada Reiki blessings, Love and Light to Mr Gagan, you all and yours.

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