Reiki healing for removing alcohol addiction

buy Soma with no rx Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your regular emails and are pleased to share them here. We are happy to see that now Reiki is known and is reaching to every part of the world, and almost all are aware of it. We all here are pleased and amazed to see the so many new and different ideas are now being used and so much of innovation is now done in Reiki, which is quite great. Everyday, we come across some or different query of yours and are happy to reply with a positive answer to it. We know that you all are having a lot of doubts but we are also sure that with the help of Reiki affirmations and new innovations as shared by you all.

Buy Cheap Alprazolam here Today afternoon, we got an email from our fellow Reiki Master from Hamilton in Canada, who was happily married to a stage actor sometime back. She told us that due to some of job requirements, she had to leave her native place, to a new subcontinent. She took sometime to adjust in the new ambiance, with new people, new faces, new climate and new routine. She and her husband made some new friends, but in this process, she found something bad, which was that her husband had began to drink alcohol with his friends. All of his new co actors were habitual of drinking, so he too had been affected with the addiction of alcohol, which even after many time trying, was unable to give up. She told us that after reading a lot of articles about how to use Reiki affirmations and healing symbols, she got a bit more positive and got a positive attitude that she will burn the alcohol addiction from her husband.

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watch watch She than after sometime, started giving positive affirmations using Reiki symbols Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki and Dai Koo Myo. Later she also started using Vasudha, Apta, Zonar and Zohre Reiki symbols for much more positive energy and affirmations. She also told us that earlier, she was using ‘no’ and  ‘not’ in her affirmations, which she changed after reading our articles here. She also started using rock salt in her meals, salads and started giving him slight more quantity of rock salt to his body, than earlier. As we all know that rock salt helps in burning off the negativity and blockages faster, so she was going on the correct track and definitely, the changes were visible in a month. She than also asked her husband and they both started taking shower using rock salt about 10 tsp in their bath tub, everyday. This helped her a bit further, as soon within a fortnight, she came to know that her husband’s friends, who were too much into drinking, smoking were going to migrate to another place, since their job was done. Now, after about a month more, her husband was taking alcohol on rare occasions and now, after about six months of Reiki healings, he have stopped drinking alcohol.

Buy Ambien With Paypal click She than in order to check, hold a small gathering at her place, on the occasion of her wedding anniversary last week, where she invited all of her and his friends. She had also ordered some liquor and country wines to check if her husband take some, but to her relief, her husband keep himself busy with snacks, dancing or music, and was always seen away from that counter. His friends although asked him to company for the liquor, but he denied that he have given up that habit, and even gave away a big lecture on consumption of alcohol.

Buy Xanax Amazon source Our fellow Reiki Master was pleased, when she shared us this unique and so much positive article from her personal life with us, and we are similarly happy to share with you all. We know that this article will be able to change many more such lives and make many more families happy. We are thankful to her, her husband and you all for letting Reiki work in for making a love filled path for this spouse and others as well.

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follow Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

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