Combination of different techniques for Reiki healing

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind and love filled emails with the blessings you are sending us. We are trying our level best so as to learn something new for burning blockages and negativity from our receivers, and are than sharing it with you all. Our aim and mission of life as have told earlier, is always been to spread as much of positive light in this Universe and help all. We till date are accepting every new healing or holistic approach and than combine it with Reiki healing methods for a much effective Reiki healing.

Last week, we all the Reiki Masters of our Reiki Energy Healers got a telephone call from some Theta healing center, who want us all to join Theta healing workshop. He told us many details on why we should learn it and that it was something better than Reiki and that we can do a lot. We were all really tempted after hearing and were thinking of joining the workshop, but than as always, something strike my mind, and I was thankful to the inventor of internet. I googled about Theta healing and was pleased to know and learn too much of relevant information and we realized that it was really a good way, which we can also combine with our normal Reiki affirmations. We than started doing some practical experiments on ourselves, before teaching or sharing with others, and were really pleased to see the positive results. If the founder of Theta healing Ms Vianna Stibal can get her Cancer removed with in just 30 seconds, I am sure that we are about to see some more positive affirmations in future. 

Now, after working on some of our personal and receiver’s healing and getting positive results, we are going to start these new learnings in teaching and our Reiki healings now on. However, we will be sharing some of the information, here with you after proper testing and confirmation of the positive results. We did one small experiment for protection from rain today, using this combination of Theta healing, PSI Ball healing and USUI Reiki healing. Believe me, even in the time of heavy rainfall, I myself and two more friends of mine were completely dry and reached home safe. We also did same for removing the blockage in financial issues of one receiver, and he got some good order today evening. We know that some healing may take time, but now we will be working on our Reiki healings, using this much better and powerful combination.

We are thankful to you all for helping and sharing your valuable information and timely guidance to keep us move further in a positive direction. We are sure that together we will be able to improve this world and make it full of love and light.

Reiki blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain