Reiki healing for Hiccups

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Doctor shopping for Soma prescription source site We are thankful for your love and blessings, that you have been showering at us and helping us perform better. It is just due to the grace of God and Reiki Energy, that we are able to perform good and get better results for the Reiki healings as are asked to do. It is only the Reiki Healing energy, that is working and we are just the mediums or you can call the reflectors to direct the energy on to others.


Doctor shopping for Soma prescription Buy Xanax Paypal Uk Last evening, I got a call from our fellow energy, and he told us that his daughter of about 8 years was having a lot of hiccups. He told us that she had been trouble talking or else, since she was very much uncomfortable. This made us a bit sad, but than we asked him to get a half glass of warm drinking water, hold it in left hand and cover with right hand. We than connected with the friend and than with the glass, he was holding. Than we cleansed it with our power symbol Cho Ku Rei,  and cleared all the negativity it was having. Later, we added Sei Hei ki Reiki symbol to it since it is an emotional and a balancing symbol. Than we added Apta Reiki symbol, Zonar Reiki symbol and Dai Ko Myo Reiki symbol and finally sealing it with Cho Ku Rei.

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source url Than I asked him to remove the hand and ask his daughter to drink that glass water to the full and lie down for sometime. After about 10 minutes, we got his call that her hiccups were completely gone and she was feeling a lot better. She also spoke to me and thanked me, and than went to her mother for her dinner, since than she was feeling very hungry.

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Buy Adipex Ebay We got a call from our friend again, the next morning telling us that she had left for her school and was able to have a comfortable sleep that night. She was happy to have her father’s contacts doing Reiki healing and a welfare for this mankind. We are really happy to see that good things are really working to the good and we all are able to get some good and positive results, using Reiki Energy for our Healing in our life.

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Buy Zolpidem Uk go to link Thank you all friends for listening to us and helping us share our Reiki Healing experiences.

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Buy Xanax Brisbane Love and Light to you all and yours.

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