How to do distance attunement or initiations

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Soma overnight fed ex no prescription Generic Ambien Round White Pill Fellow Energies, we are really thankful to you all for your guidance and support in writing these new articles. We had been asked on how they can do good distance attunement and initiations since they had been giving distance Reiki Healing. We had already discussed on how to do give distance Reiki Healing and do Psychic surgery from distance.

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Buy Soma Herbal Smoke As we all know that Reiki Masters need to do attunement and give initiations to our students and receivers. We must understand that Reiki Healing is done a bit differently from Reiki attunement and initiations. We were taught that we can use a pillow or a doll for our Reiki attunement and initiation for our receiver. We however should avoid using the same as a toy or self use, since we use them for energy transfer and energy flow.

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Buy Xanax On Online If we need to use a toy, we should use a toy figure with flexible hands, feet and body structure. Its for the reason that we need to give proper Reiki energy transfer through this toy, and we should not touch it with improper or unwashed hands. In fact, we all must remember to wash our hands, sit in a silent place, play on some Chant or soft music while performing any kind of Reiki Energy Transfer.

follow We have been seeing that if the Reiki energy transfer is done in a positive ambiance, the energy transfer takes place smoothly. However, we have seen that if we perform our Reiki Healings in a positive environment, they are done with success. Sometimes, the Reiki Healings, Reiki Attunement or Reiki initiations can also be done on telephone or video conferencing. We have been performing Reiki Energy transfer through telephone connection and our yahoo and skype video conferencing.

Buy Phentermine In China We are sure that you all will try it and get some great results with your telephonic Reiki Healings and cam Reiki Healings and attunement or initiations. We are thankful to our Reiki Teachers and fellow energies for helping us with is and letting us help others.

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