Reiki healing for high fever and weakness due to it

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follow Buy Alprazolam China Fellow Energies, we are highly thankful to you for your regular updates and suggestions for our website and are really happy for your love filled remarks. As you all know that we do try to keep you updated with the Reiki Healings we perform.

enter site We share our Reiki Healings for the reason that you can improve your Reiki healings by learning more. Here, we only meant to see if you or we are into something better and if you feel like you are already doing something better than ours, please do share. It will be our pleasure to learn some better techniques with you and would love to share with others here and other places, where we can.

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click here Buy Diazepam Bangkok Last Saturday, I got a call from my friend for giving Reiki Healing to his daughter, as she got high fever and was very weak due to fever. They were on their way to some holy trip and want us to do distant Reiki Healing for his daughter. We advised him to hold a glass of warm water in his right hand for sometime, till we make Reiki symbols for her healing. We purified and charged water, so as to give full Reiki Energy to the water glass from distance and initiate water so as to give her relief from fever and energize her to full.


get link For the purifying, we used our Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei and for energizing and healing her, we made Apta Reiki symbol, Swastika Reiki symbol, Aum Reiki symbol and Dai Ko Myo for energizing to the full. We finally made Cho Ku Rei for locking, sealing and establishing the Reiki energy in her. We than asked our friend to give the glass of water (which was now charged with Reiki Energy) to his daughter to drink. We also asked him to keep his right palm over her Brow Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra for sometime, while we gave Reiki Energy to his hands for healing her.

source We than ask him to call after an hour and inform us for the results of her health. We were called and we were happy to know that her fever has came down to normal and she was feeling a lot better than.

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watch go site Thanks a lot to you all for your regular support and love. Buy Valium Xanax Online Love and Light to you and yours.

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