Aura Scanning to be done by level 1 and 2 students

Aura Scanning to be done by level 1 and 2 students

Fellow Energies, we have been asked a lot of times to find some easier way to scan Aura of any other energy and trust me that we had been working on it. It is really a difficult task to find and tell what is easier for anyone to do and analyze any other energy. It is easier for one to understand self Aura and energy with any experiment as illustrated here, but they seem to get confused when it comes for someone else.

However, we are really thankful to our fellow Reiki Master Mr Navneet Mathur, who helped us giving a small but a easier way to do it. He has been doing wonderful Reiki Healings since late and has been with us since his Reiki Mastership. ( In India we do 5 levels with 5th as Grand Mastership and he has completed it last year). It was his idea to think on it since we have been getting emails to help on it and we do have been working on it.

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Error He suggested that since almost all the Reiki Healers of 2nd level know and are aware of the Reiki power symbol and are able to visualize better. It is known as Cho Ku Rei and is in white color, and should be visualized easily as understood by us here. Since almost all are able to do it easily, he suggested that we should first connect using the connection symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen with our receiver or the person who needs the Aura to be read.

Please try again later.

the error log for details.

Faithfully yours, nginx.

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