how to do better Reiki Healing for bed ridden or distant energies

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Buying Diazepam In Turkey Cheap Soma without prescription next day fedex overnight Buy Ambien Online Usa Fellow Energies, we are grateful for your continuous support and regular emails, helping us to share our on going Reiki healings with you. This is just helping us to spread Love and Light in this universe with your love and support with tons of good wishes, blessings which are making us strong everyday.

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see source site Recently, we were given a task to heal a bed ridden person, who was unable to get up from bed, so about impossible for him to come for a Reiki session for Reiki Healing at our Reiki center. This person was about 80 years of age and we were thinking of how to give Reiki Healing to him, since we were unable to have his latest photograph either. After some thinking and discussions, we came to a few conclusions for this and some other Reiki Healings. As we all know that in some parts of the world, females are kept under curtains and their faces could not be seen easily. We are also not even allowed to see their photographs for the healings and are to give healing from different rooms or from distance only. We concluded that we should ask our receivers to keep a glass of water at the right side of their bed while sleeping at night and should consume it in morning. They can send a photograph of their glass or bottle from which they will be drinking this water. In the meanwhile, we will be giving Reiki healing to water in this glass. Since we were now giving Reiki to water and water dissolves into the blood faster and smoothly, Reiki energy will find its way easier to get into our receiver’s body.

source url Buy Zolpidem 10Mg We than also started asking medicines, water, milk or any other thing that was consumable by them for better and faster Reiki. We also have been giving Reiki Energy for charging medicines and ointments for different purposes. Sometimes, we charged water or else and ask them to drink or sprinkle, depending on the purpose of Reiki healing needed. However, this way, now we were able to give Reiki Healing to such female and bed ridden people. We had also given similar Reiki Healings to even cancer patients and they are either doing better and some had a much better and painless life after Reiki Healing.

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Buy Valium Tablets Buy Carisoprodol Online Uk We will now, once again thank you all for your valuable and priceless comments and suggestions, which gave us this confidence to stand here with you.

follow site Buy Ambien Tablets Love and Light to you and yours.

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