Reiki healing for feet pain in age of plus 50

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follow Fellow Energies, it was this Monday, when I got a call from unknown number, and it was a soft female voice. I asked her about the reason for her call and how can the Reiki Energy Healers help her. She told me that her name was Mrs. Sudarshan and was about 60 years of age with some terrible feet pain and was unable to walk much. We asked her to try to visit our Reiki Healing center with some of her family member, so as to help us diagnose her and heal her.

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get link Buy Zolpidem 5Mg Uk She asked us about the charges and what else she needed to bring with her, since she want to get healed fast. Since she was an old lady, we asked her to pay us 101/- Indian Rupees (2.25 USD) for the consultation and Aura analysis with Rupees 11/- per day healing with her blessings. As she told us that she is not working and is unable to pay much, we asked her to do energy exchange with her blessings.

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source She was glad to hear about the low charges, so she called again in the morning and came to us with some of her relative. She was looking pale with pain and sadness and we were really sad to see her condition. However, we talked to her and take sometime for her Aura analysis, which helped us diagnose her health problem and reason for her body blockages. We also checked her other details like eating routine, eating menu etc and advised her some as should be taken.

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click go We than asked her to relax and lie down on our Reiki Healing Bed and gave her touch healing to her feet and several other body parts. We also do the Chakra cleansing with the help of Tibetan Bell and our Reiki wand. After about 15 minutes of healing, we asked her to open her eyes and get up.

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Buy Phentermine Canada Online see We asked her to bring a small passport size photograph for us to help us do distance healing. She was feeling a lot better after this session and promised us to return after about 3-4 days for another Reiki Healing session and rest we would be sending Healing by distance Reiki Healing. It will help her in better health and removal of body aches. We are sure that in about next 21 days, she will be coming back to us walking on her own without any kind of body pain. Buy Soma Online Uk Thank you all for your love filled comments and suggestions so as to help us with your emails and comments. Buy Non Generic Ambien Love and Light to you and yours.


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