Reiki Healing to a kid’s eye soma cod Reiki Healing to a kid’s eye

click here Fellow Energies, we are here once again to share our updates with the latest Reiki Healings done. We are overwhelmed with your continuous support and regular love with us, which acts as a motivation to us. We are sharing almost all of the different Reiki Healings by us or our Fellow Reiki Energy Healers, so that you may do the same and improve your healing energy.

follow link It was Saturday evening, and I was on my way back with my friend in Metro when I got a call from one of our Reiki Healer friend Mahaveer. He called from a private nursing home and told us that his daughter had a hit from behind by a two wheeler on road and fallen on road. She was since than having a lot of pain in her eyes and was unable to open her eyes and was seeing all just black. He was shocked and was unable to concentrate to perform and Reiki Healing for her, so asked us to help. His voice was showing that he was too low and was trying to control his emotions and was extremely worried.

go here We talked to him about how it happened and tried to make him calm and relaxed for what had happened. We than asked him to place his both palms on his heart, and that time, we charged his both palms, since we were to use his hands for the Reiki Healings. As we have seen him only and have a little information of his child, it was better to do the Healing through him only.

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Buy Genuine Valium Online Uk After purifying and charging our friend, we charged his both hands and asked him to place one palm on head and one on the eye that got hurt. We asked his palm in such a way that his palm make a small tilt on his eyes, so that it covers the eye, without touching eye. We also ask him to do it in such a way that it is air tight and is totally blocked.We asked to place other hand on her hand in similar way and keep it for about 5 minutes. We also advised him to visualize white color flowing on her head and eye through his both hands.

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source site After 10 minutes, we got another call from him that he was on his way back to his home, without even meeting the doctor. We got a bit confused as what this guy was up to as his daughter had some eye problem, took appointment with the doctor and now is leaving for home, without even consulting. He told us was very much relaxing to us and comfort to our ear. He said that his daughter opened her eyes after the treatment slowly and was like normal. Her eyes were like normal and was able to see everything like before, so why should he waste time and money on for any consultation or check ups now.

Buy Phentermine In Mexico It was really a great news for us and we were really excited to hear this, so are here sharing it with you all. We are sure that if anything like this happen around you (however may this never happen), you will be able to send your Reiki Energies to your receivers. This may be taken as just a simple procedure on how you can help your friends or family or any other energy with this unique God gift you have.

Buy Adipex From Europe Thank you all for sharing and helping us share.

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Cheap Phentermine Wholesalers Love and Light to you and yours

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