Reiki Healing for paintings to sell

Doctor shopping for Soma prescription Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol Fellow energies, we had been doing Reiki Healing for many a things, but as the time passes, we have been working on some unusual and some routine energies. We had been doing Reiki Healing for different healings like health problems or psychic attack etc. We also did some healings for even non living energies like TV, cellphones, computers, cars, remote, toys etc etc. the list is endless. After all these healings, some asked us to do Reiki healing for their pets or even fishes in their aquarium.

Buy Valium Brazil Buy Diazepam Teva Similarly, one day one of our artist friend came to us, and it was a good meeting for us, since were meeting after a long time. She had been a great artist and was making good paintings and was selling them in exhibitions and malls for her living. She had been our inspiration to do better since she was a lady with a lot of courage and had been working very hard.On asking, she told her that her business was low and want us to do some magic for her so that her business starts booming again.

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Buy Alprazolam Next Day Delivery Order Xanax Online Reddit We told her that we were a simple Reiki Master, who were teaching Reiki and were doing healings for different energies. We were far away from black magic and were only doing positive things for all energies around us. We however offered her to do Reiki for her paintings if allowed and asked her to show her paintings, which needed to be sold. We went to her exhibition hall, where she had all her paintings waiting to be sold off and since it was late evening, there were just us.

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follow link source url After her permission, we did the purifying and charging of the area and her paintings and we also charged the place with positive energy. After about 15 minutes of healings for the room, we started charging the paintings with positive energy and than gave initiation with Vasudha symbol to our friend. We were sure that we will be getting some good news in a week’s time or before. As we had thought of, we saw her in our office next week with a cheque in an nice envelop. We tried to refuse it since we have already taken the fees for Reiki healing for her and her paintings. She still forced us to accept it since all of her paintings were sold with a higher price and had got a great order from overseas.

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click here source link It was really a good and overwhelming news for our Reiki Masters who were waiting for the news from her. We than gave a small party to all of our fellow Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters.

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source url follow url This is one our different than normal healings we did.

source Thanks to you all for your demand for our ‘different’ healings. Love and Light to you and yours.

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