Silence a new definition to meditation

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Satya Sai
Satya Sai Order Soma online overnight FedEx delivery go here Fellow Energies, we have been really thankful of you to send your personal experiences in Reiki and as well as personal life. As always, this time too we are getting your emails and after reading them, it looks like our love is spreading in every corner of this universe and this world is really coming closer. Our small effort is paying back with your love and support and we really feel grateful and are too emotional when we get your kind comments and love filled messages. We all have been teaching and learning about different kind of meditations, used different music,done  Chakra specific meditations etc. But after these meditations and teaching people on these, some of our receivers wanted to do something different, so as to enlighten more. Some wanted to sharpen their psychic powers, some their healing energies and some had a different perspective in life. For all of these and other issues, we had been asking our fellow energies to meditate, but realized that something more was needed.

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go Buy Xanax Hanoi After thinking a lot on this, we concluded to something new and a bit different from the routine meditations and else. Since we had been doing Past Life Regressions and Future Life Progression and some other specific meditations, which helped our fellow energies to burn off their blockages and do better healings. Now, we came up to this new but a very old concept of being silent with an oath. It just simply means to remain silent for any specific time of 30 minutes and we need to promise in that 30 minute time to remain silent. We need to avoid signaling with eyes, hands or else, and should even avoid writing anything. Our silence has to be really a silent, and we should avoid interacting with others in anyway for that particular period.

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Buy Soma Herbal Smoke go site Even if we got any urgent call or else, but we must maintain our silence. We should be away from texting or any other way of interaction during this time. Slowly, we can increase this time and take to about 60 ot 180 minutes a day. This is just a simple but almost a hard task to be done, since it needs courage to be silent. However, with regular practice, one can be better.

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see url With the help of being silence, we will learn a lot of things, our inner energy, which get slow wakes up. It helps our Energy traveling faster and better to the destination. We are calm, understanding, more caring and have much more concentration. With silence, we will be able to see deeper in anything and able to penetrate in the root of many things and energies.

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go to link We are sure that you will be trying it and help us spread.

Buy Xanax Legal Safe Online follow link Love and Light to you and yours.

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