The Aura and Reiki

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Buy Xanax Eu Surrounding our body is a field of energy emanating the life force of all living beings.

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Buy Xanax India It shows a reflection of all that we are encompassing, our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Our aura vibrates to sound, light and color, frequencies. Auras usually, have more than one color visible at a time, and the color depends on what is going on within us. Therefore the aura is always changing. In Kirilian photography you can have your picture taken which will show you the colors of your aura. Some people are able to see the colors of a person’s aura without any mechanical or camera help.

here The aura extends approximately 2 ft. around us, including 2 ft. above our heads and 2 ft., below our feet. If a person is going through a tough time or we are feeling vulnerable we tend to pull the aura in around ourselves. If you meet someone who is really out there, very dynamic and extraverted, or someone who is really advanced in their spirituality…and their personal re connection to Creator or Spirit, their aura can really be extended a long way from the person.

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Order Zolpidem Overnight Auras are collectors, picking up all kinds of vibrational energy everywhere we go. For instance to take a newborn baby into a shopping mall…can mean that the baby receives a bombardment of energies and some of those energies are just not healthy and the infant has no way of dealing with these energies, as their own energy field is not really established.

see Aura’s also radiate health issues…sometimes we experiences a congestion in the aura or a murky or dark spot….sometimes there is an energy leak in the aura. These areas need to be cleared, and mended. Also there is a tendency to bring the aura in close to our bodies when we are trying to protect ourselves. We need to alter that, move it out from the body so it can really function as well as it can, and an aura that is out too far from us, would function more effectively if it was brought in closer to our body. It really should be like a egg shape around us.

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go to site If we habitually act in a negative manner it distorts our energy field which has an effect on our physical body with regard to health issues. Over a period of time this energy builds and we end up with physical ailments.


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Buy Xanax On The Street An effective way of clearing/cleansing the aura is done through a Reiki treatment. It is freeing and effective to remove negative or foreign energy vibrations from our aura. Reiki cleanses and balances, helping you to be more productive, grounded in all areas of your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental bodies.

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Buy Ambien In Dubai Judy M. Watts, Cht. RMP.

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