Reiki – Distant or Remote Sessions

Reiki – Distant or Remote Sessions

What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese word and it is pronounced “Ray-Key” ‘Rei’ – is warmth, love, life to all things, it is all knowing. ‘Ki’ – is energy, which flows through all things that are alive…It is also known as Prana, Light, Chi, Universal Energy.


Energy can become stuck and or congested and we need to cultivate and maintain a clear flow of energy, keeping our life force energy strong or high… When this is happening we feel strong, filled with joy, clear and confident. When this energy is blocked we can feel listless, aware of various ailments, feel weak and unresponsive, emotionally, as well as physically and spiritually. With Reiki because it is universal energy it works on all levels aids in balancing all our systems and aids us in our desire to reach peace and comfort.

Reiki cannot be misused…it can not be misdirected or manipulated in any way. It works directly where it is needed and flows, breaking up blockages allowing for balance and well-being to take place.

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Reiki is comforting, soothing, relaxing, and giving us a feeling of inner peace. This creates the perfect atmosphere and environment for the body’s natural healing process to come into play. Always Reiki is for your highest good. It is non invasive. It works well with all medications, it will not interfere with any other modality that you are currently working with, or any medications you are on. Again it is only for your highest good.

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In Distance Reiki the practitioner connects with the client in various methods, some use pictures or an object, anything at that strengthens the connection. I personally like to establish a specific time and have you lay down on your couch, floor or bed or massage table, I then visualize you in that position and proceed with the session as if we were doing an in person physical session.

I prefer to call the client before I begin, this allows more connection, and time to explain any last minute details. After the session I will call again to go over any experiences or questions that one might have. At this time I can also give feedback or insights I have had during the session.

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Judy M. Watts Cht, RMP.,

Reiki Master

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