Creating new Reiki instruments for a better and effective healing

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enter Fellow Energies, Namaste. We all the members of Reiki Energy Healers welcome you and are obliged with your kind presence here and wish you with our best of wishes and blessings. As you all know, we are in a continuous process of learning and sharing our experiences and knowledge with you all. We are really happy to see new improvements and better enhancements in this world of Energies, where everyone is trying to spread its share of love and light in this Universe.

Buy Diazepam India and 1453=1454 Buy Carisoprodol Overnight Delivery We are here sure that we will be able to make this world a better place to live and remove all the hatred and negativity from hearts. Energies, as you are familiar with Reiki and most of the instruments which we Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters use in our Reiki Healing. We here always try to work on some more powerful and new way to heal faster and better, and at times also search for a new Reiki instrument or make some modifications for its enhancement. source Since we had been using seven Chakra wand for long and were able to do good healings, we were asked to work on something better. It was just that our Reiki Masters were looking for some more powerful instrument, due to a lot of healings in their account. We all sat and discussed the need and what it should be. After the discussion, we conclude it with a solution of trying it with a metal pipe, with Crystal pencil at one end, and American diamond (pointed side outwards) at the other end. We also worked on material of pipe, and worked on different metals. We tried with Aluminum and Brass, and finally came up with brass. For filling the pipe, we used crushed crystals, rock salt, small American diamonds, Swarovski etc. and all these were used of their best quality available in the market. We finalized these with a brass pipe with Swarovski and crushed crystal powder. go to link We have been asking all of our students to visualize colors of the symbols when using symbols for the healings, since they work a lot better. After using this new Reiki wand, our Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters are doing better Reiki healings. This should be just taken as a next step only, since we and other Energies too are working on some much better instruments and healing methods. This all will be able to heal the world a bit faster.

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