How to activate Chakras and clear Chakra Blockages


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Where To Buy Legit Adipex Fellow energies, I am grateful of you to be here and share your kind reviews and experiments with us here. I am really happy to see you here for learning and helping others learn a lot from this infotaining site. (informative+entertaining) We all at Reiki Energy Healers are really obliged to have your wisdom to share with all here.


click here source link Energies, it is seen at times that we have some particular issue, which is not coming to solve for long time. This could be any physical, emotional or financial. I am sure that after reading our article under experiments, you have seen that where and which of your Chakra is having blockage. Now, as per our student Sonia from USA (United States of America), she gave a small briefing to us on how we can do a bit further in clearing these blockages.

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Buy Xanax Dark Web follow link I am sure that most of us can find some Chakra blockage removal specific Audios on and some other websites. They are really helpful and work on to clear of the blockages. However, Sonia describes us some new methods, which she is working on these days in USA for her clients and is definitely getting great outcome. She is our student since past 2-3 years and was having a normal saloon and massage parlor in Las Vegas, USA. She did some distance learning with us, and discussed her queries online or over phone.

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Buy Alprazolam Mexico She at that time was having some affair and was having some financial problem, which she wanted to be sorted out. We helped her in her issues, with the help of our Reiki healings and using other techniques. She was later married and have a lovely daughter with her lover. Her business is also growing and is now having good financial situation and she is now working on a new spa center of hers.

Buy Xanax Denver Recently, she told us that she have started doing Chakra Massages to her clients, which are giving a great and magical effect to her clients. She charges extra for that. for this, she use different colourful lights, for different Chakras, as per requirement. She has arranged the lights in such a pattern, that they fall on the person’s different Chakra with specific colors as specified. It was a layout as the Chakras are, i.e., VIBGYOR pattern. Now, what she does was really a good finding. She use olive oil to massage one by one the Chakras, which needed to be done or as asked by the receiver. In the background, she played the Chakra meditation music, to activate them. She tries to do this massage for about 5-10 minute, every Chakra, or as needed.

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Buy Mano Diazepam Cheap Alprazolam From India She also give a small initiation of the receiver, if needed and is approved by the person. She came up with this exciting experiment, which was changing her business and finances. I am sharing this with you, just to share that this small massage can also be good for you. You should try to use Olive oil for it, and remember, that initiation should be done too, since it will help a lot for sure, to clear off the blockages.

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click follow Thank you Sonia, thank you all for sharing your kind comments, valuable information and reviews, experiments etc.

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Buy Valium From Europe Buy Valium Perth Love and Light to you all and yours.

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