Self diagnose of Chakra Blockages

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Order Gg249 Xanax Online Fellow get link go to link Buy Valium 10 Mg Online energies, I know that when people like me and others talk about Aura low or high, most of us get confused on what is Aura and how can it seen by any other. click here Content-Disposition: form-data; name="_wp_http_referer" It is surprising for some that others are able to check their body blockages and problems, without even touching them. We ourselves were shocked when we had a similar experience in our life for the first time. It was my unforgettable incident for my life, which I am still having in the back of my mind like it just happened yesterday.

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see Buy Soma Herbal Smoke Some people, for those for which Reiki or else is new, I would like them to read our articles on Chakra etc., so that they can understand about our body Chakras first. It will help them understand all I am stating here a bit easily and comfortably. However, if they are new to it, I will try to explain a bit here too.

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Order Adipex 37.5 First of all, we must understand that our Aura is the energy shield around our body, which protects us from other negative energies and it helps to connect to different energies and communicate with others. This Aura shield is generally from 6 inches to endless boundaries. The Aura of Super energy is unlimited. However, now we will discuss on how to check our own blockage, without knowing much of Reiki.

go to link Fellow energies, first of all, we must switch off our cell phones, TV, audio instruments, or anything that can be a cause to interfere our concentration. We here need to have silence, peaceful ambiance, slow background music, incense sticks or any other Aroma candle etc. and we can also use any perfume spray. Than we need to sit, lie down and relax with closed eyes. This is just done to do all what we are planning in a very positive environment. We must take off our wrist watches or any heavy jewelery if we are putting on, so as to have no kind of problem during the process.

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Order Valium Online Overnight Uk Now, we must relax and close our eyes. Visualize white light coming from over your head and touching ur head. Let us feel the warmth of the white light flowing from head to body. Feel it flow from your head (Crown Chakra)to forehead (Brow Chakra), than to neck (Throat Chakra), to heart area (Heart Chakra), to 4 inch above naval (Sacral Chakra) to 4 inch below naval (Solar Plexus Chakra) and than to sex organ (Base Chakra) and than to feet and than to toes. this whole procedure should take about 20-30 minutes and visualize and feel the white light and the warmth coming from it.

Buy Cheap Generic Ambien Online Please note on a paper and pin point the places, where you did not feel any kind of white light or heat in the body. We must understand that the body parts, were we have blockages or our Aura is low. Once we are able to understand this, it is better for us to heal ourselves in a better way. There is a very small way to remove these blockages too, once we are able to meditate and remove off all the blockages in our body. These blockages can be removed with the help of our Reiki teachers or Reiki Healers. Once they are removed, we are able to live a better, comfortable and peaceful life.

Buy Adipex Tablets Online I do hope that most of you are now able to see your own personal blockages, without the need of any instrument or costly equipments testing. This will definitely help you to do good in future ahead, and I will try to update you always for a better self realisation. Thanks to all of you for helping me write this article.

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go site Love and Light to you and yours.

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