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Why to choose Alternative healing

By admin | In What is Reiki | on November 22, 2016


Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for reading the articles shared at my life, ReikiEnergyHealers.com . I am always trying to write and share something that comes up to me and feel is valuable or good for you all. 

Last week, after my presentation, I was just thinking about how to make the people know more about Reiki and what is available for them if they learn Reiki. I also was working on what is the difference between normal medicinal healing and alternative healing science.

I came to a conclusion, after reading various articles online that up to 90% of deaths of cancer patients are of those, who went into Chemo or any other medical therapy. Similarly, heart attack deaths were of those who underwent a surgery or were taking daily medicines. Similarly, deaths of 90% Diabetes patients were of those taking blood sugar control pills and most deaths were due to low sugar.  

I was shocked and confused, however, was also amazed to see that most of the success was  of those who used alternative healing sciences like Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki or any other science. I read more and found that almost all the allopathic medicines we are given are acidic, hence are bad for our internal body organs. We, who are now known as alternative medicine or alternative healers, should understand that in earlier days, only we were known for healing anything. Allopathic medicine science came from western countries, to make huge money and is making trillions from killing us all, slowly, slowly.

We all have to understand only one thing that we all have simple one purpose, which is to help the world, that too naturally. We have to educate this world that we all have to avoid or boycott medicinal science for the welfare of the world. These money minded companies and government policies may try to harm or hurt us, but we have to stay firm.

We all have to teach all that it is only us, the alternative healers can really heal and remove the disease or blockage from the root cause. We always work on the root cause, unlike medicine, which shows to work on disease or is issue specific.

Let us all unite, and spread love, light in this universe.

Thanks to you all and yours

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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