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Why there are limited Reiki Practitioners in this world?

By admin | In What is Reiki | on October 8, 2018
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touching lives

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Fellow Energies, I am thankful to you all, for your kind support, love and blessings. I am grateful to you all in spreading awareness about Reiki in this world and am happy that the world is accepting it too. 

I am getting some queries for different issues and concerns from across the globe, and am thankful to you all as my teachers, for helping me resolve them. Since long time, I have been getting comments on my articles, messages and queries from people that we should do Reiki trainings or healing, without any charge. They also ask their Reiki students that they should wait for at least a few years, before they go for Reiki Grand Mastership. Some Reiki teachers even taught their students that Reiki healing for anyone else can only be done by Reiki teachers like them, or after a years by them (provided they take their Grand Mastership from them after a few years). They were only allowed to perform self healing !!

I was completely shocked, and have been reading and trying to know the reason behind this all, and it did took a long time for me. The reason I came to know was shocking and confusing too, but was accepted to me, since there are and will be some channels like them. My findings are shared with you all to understand.

Most of the so called Reiki teachers are only attuned to Reiki 3b Reiki level, where we are taught to teach till 3a. Some only take their 3a, and are aware that they are unfit for giving attunement. However, some download notes from net or buy notes and start their career in holistic healing, claiming themselves as one.

I am sure that some are real Grand Masters, but their hidden fears of giving proper guidance, training stop them. Some form their companies, trusts or organisations and are paid by them. Some form charitable trusts / organisations or accept donations. 

I am sure that this small post will clear your doubts about why these trainers, with lack of their proper trainings are creating a hurdle in this smooth flow of Reiki. Reiki is just a combination of cosmic energies and is available for everyone. We should all accept and let it flow to all. Their will be some energies, who may call us Fraud, cheaters, liars or even that only they are selected few for this. Trust me and yourself, we all are pure, we all are accepted to be a channel to help this universe.


Reiki Blessings, love, light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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