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Why is free healing or healing without energy exchange bad

By admin | In Food for Reiki | on January 6, 2011

Why is free healing or healing without energy exchange bad

Fellow Energies, we all at Reiki Energy Healers are grateful for you all to be here and sharing your kind life time achievements and experiences with us. We all here are trying to share almost all the experiences, that meant to be useful by other Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters from all parts of the world.

Energies, here on this website, we have been asking you all to perform Energy exchange on mutual consent or do charge some fees, whatever you and your receiver feel like. It is just for the sake of you and your receiver’s happy future relation. Here, we are pressuring this all, just since if you send some Energy towards one, there has to be made some exchange, otherwise it wont effect much to the receiver. Since we all know that if there is a glass filed with water and some ink in it, and we need to add some milk in it, we have to replace some water from glass, in order to have milk in it.

See, we have been also asking to take money or charge fees in order to perform Reiki healing or Reiki initiations. Once the energy exchange is made on mutual consent, it helps a better flow of energy in the receiver. We have ourselves seen that some people are doing free Reiki Healing or have groups formed for free healing and free treatments. Here, we do not want to say anything bad towards them, but our personal experience and what we recollect from your emails is that the energies which are giving free healing etc., are suffering a lot later on and sometimes, the receivers themselves get in to a bad shape. We always ask our students and fellow Reiki Healers to follow Energy Exchange, since it helps and works as a miracle.

Some of the Energies, who work professionally as a Reiki Healer or Reiki Master, are doing better Reiki Healing and the reason is very simple as that. They always follow the rules and principle of Energy Exchange, and they might be called bad since they avoid doing free healings, but the Reiki Healing done by them always work faster and effectively.

With this small article, we all here, advice you all to perform and follow energy exchange. We also want you to be happy and have a love filled life, with lots of Reiki Energy and light. Keep spreading your love and light to all in this small universe.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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