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Why energy exchange is necessary in Reiki Healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on March 8, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful for your nice emails with your queries and suggestions, with which we are able to help you all a bit better. It is good to see that Reiki energy is flowing better and you all are spreading much more love and light effectively. With your every new suggestion and question, we try to learn and understand your mental status, so try to transform in our life.

Yesterday, we met one of our fellow Reiki Energy from Gurgaon, India and he had been practicing and teaching NLP and deep Hypnosis. He is in about his early 70’s and an experienced man who had been doing various good healings but was confused on why some of his healings were without much success. We discussed about his Reiki Healing procedures in detail and other things included in the healings and hypnosis. We were confused a bit that most of the Reiki Healings that were without success were of his friends or family people only. Some others were from poor people who were unable to pay or from too young people, so we got curious what was going wrong.

In the end of our discussion, we were able to find out one small thing that in all these Healings he had just did the healings, without any kind of energy exchange. When we asked about the reason, he said he felt bad in asking any kind of money for the fess and also told us that some healings which he did without fees were also done with success. Than we told him that whatever healings were done with success had energy exchange in terms of his own energy as an exchange was avoided. Most of the successful healings were done because the energy exchange was done with gratitude and the failure was since it was missed.

We told him that energy exchange only means that exchange of any kind of energy can be used in for energy exchange. It never have any constrain for money, but we can also ask them to do some exchange in what they feel comfortable. They can give small amount of money (if they can) and do something in order to make it complete exchange. Some people, who feel that its impossible, they can do some work, promotion for them, get them some clients who can pay, make some food, meals for them or even do cleaning. Some here in India also offer to bring sweets, snacks or fruits, dry fruits in order for their healing if they are unable to pay for their healings.

We told him that since he is reflecting energy on to the receivers, they must give up some energy from their energy for energy exchange. Like for example, if we have to add some water in a glass full of milk, we need to take some milk from glass, so as to add water in it. For adding some energy in another energy, the energy has to shed some, so as to absorb more energy. If the other energy is all blocked and unable to shed any energy, its difficult to grasp any more energy.

He understood all of it and was confused on what he should ask his daughter for energy exchange, and we asked him to ask his daughter to get some shirt or else for him, prepare some different dish for him. We are sure that now along with him, you all are able to understand the reason for energy exchange in our healings, especially in our Reiki healings as well. Reiki Healing energy is a Bi Polar energy, so it always works better on energy exchange.

We are thankful to you all for your suggestions and comments, helping us spread better love and light in here.

hanks to you, Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain




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