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why does touch healing works faster than any other healing?

By admin | In Aura or Vibes or Vibrations | on January 16, 2011

why does touch healing works faster than any other healing

Fellow Energies, you all have been somewhat familiar with Reiki Healing and Reiki Energy. I am grateful of you all for sending us your valuable emails with your experiences and practical lift time achievements which you shared with us here. We are trying our best so as to share them here, with some minor changes in your article, so as to make all understand and follow.

As we all have been practicing Reiki Healing of almost all blockages and negativity removal, it seem like a normal healing like any other for us here. We know that distance healing also work as any other healing or medicine for the receiver, so in normal routine, we are avoiding any kind of medicine or healing, except of Reiki or Acupressure healing. We have been looking at some healings done here and some other places, where touch healing has shown a far better result than any other healing.

It works faster, but we should just know the reason, and after our small research, we are updating here for you all here. As we know that touch healing is done by any Reiki Healer or Reiki Master by touching receiver’s blocked body part. This touch healing can be done for any kind of body pain, sprain, fever or else. Sometimes, even for a lot of stress, we recommend a touch at forehead for sometime. All this time during the healing process, we always prescribe the receiver to feel the energy flow in body through the hand of the Reiki Energy Healer. This Energy flow is faster and greater felt when it is done by a touch healing. It also helps a blockage getting dissolved much faster, since the giver’s energy is able to burn off the negativity easier.

Most of the time, a touch healing takes from 15-30 minutes in one healing, but definitely it gives more positive results. As per our students and receivers, we also recommend touch healing for some, when the receiver is available for it.

We thank you all for your kind article, and we are sure that it will help and enlighten some of the energies here after reading this article.

Love and Light to all of you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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