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Why do we use colors in Reiki symbols

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on July 17, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your continuous emails and love filled kind requests, for which we are more than obliged and thankful. We are always trying to resolve your any kind of Reiki healing or Reiki energy related query, since it is our passion and we always want you all to practice Reiki in a blockage and negativity free ambiance. We are pleased to see your overwhelming response and are sure that in coming days, we will be able to see that everyone, free of any kind of blockage and living a happy and positive life.

Today morning, I was asked by a fellow Reiki practitioner on what was the importance of colors in Reiki and why have we given colors to Reiki symbols as when many Reiki practitioners just give white color to all. I know that Reiki is taught using different methods, practicals and illustrations and every Reiki Master want their students to learn and practice in a easier and simplified manner. As we have mentioned clearly in our earlier articles, that in most parts of this world, Reiki is taught and classified into three level workshops, while in Indian subcontinent we have five Reiki levels. In this Reiki teaching, we do tell the different colors of Reiki symbols, many new Reiki symbols and also different new techniques, which at other places are taught separately or differently. This all is just because of the difference in culture, language and the teaching practice, which has been following from generations to further generations.

Here, we use different colors for different Reiki or any other energy symbol, so as to differentiate from other and that all are able to use them. These colors are either one of those as are of our Chakras or as used in Universe. Reiki symbols, linked with Relationship, financial, emotional or balancing are all used in either Red or Green color for better results, since these colors are of Base Chakra and Heart Chakra. While using our affirmations, indirectly and unknowingly, we charge and activate receiver’s Base and Heart Chakra. Similarly, for Reiki healing, purifying or for Reiki Master symbols, we use white, Violet or Golden color, as we know that white color is having all seven colors as in our (seven Chakras), Violet is the Top crown Chakra and Golden color as we know is the acme of energy. Most of the energies, across the globe are now talking about the ‘God’s particle’, which is now also known to be in golden color, helping our ancient learning.

Whatever scientists are researching now after spending of endless money and taking huge risks, our ancestors and spiritual people have told it, without using these so called latest gadgets. I know that we must avoid entering into any kind of debate, but I am sure that this will be agreed by many Reiki Masters and practitioners that our deep meditation and Reiki can help us see much what others may find difficult to see using machines. Today we can feel the blockage of any particular Chakra or body part, without any X Ray machine, similarly am sure that if we all start using and visualizing colors in our Reiki, we will be able to do better and much effective Reiki healings. This may take sometime for us to practice or remember, but once we are able to do it, we will be able to burn any kind of blockage much faster.

Using colors in Reiki will help you do enhanced Reiki healing, and you all will be able to feel the growing self energy and Reiki energy around yourself. This color therapy will also understand you to reveal some unearth or deep secrets of your receiver and help them to resolve the past unsolved or blocked issues. The use of colors will also help you understand their blockages, without even asking and just looking at them or the dress they wore when they meet you. I am thankful to you all and especially our fellow Reiki energy in India, who asked me this question this very morning and helped me write this article.

Reiki blessings, love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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