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why do we need a re attunement

By admin | In Our Chakras | on February 28, 2011

why do we need a re attunement

Fellow Energies, it is our pleasure to see your kind response and valuable comments for the articles and messages you send us. We have yet to work a lot more and share what we can with you as always and are really happy to see your over whelming love and blessings. As we had been trying to keep up with you, it might be difficult for us, but we are still trying to cope up with time and write something for you here.

Since we started our Reiki teaching, it had been a learning experience for us and our fellow Reiki energies. Some people may find it difficult, but a teacher should always be a good student, so as to teach and share better. From day one, we had been trying to learn all we can from our personal life and students. You must be knowing that the students may be very intelligent, sharp or very dull and weak, which may never ask anything, just follow and some are very curious. We love those students who keep on asking and do new and much more experiments and also share.

One of our student had a different issue with him as he keep on coming for a Reiki Attunement to us, even after his Reiki Grand mastership. It was definitely a unique case for us, since we had all other students who were doing good and were progressing ahead in life, but he showed almost zero improvement. It was a sad thought for us, which could make any other teacher slight negative or sad for all this. He also told us that he was unable to check Aura of any other energy and was feeling no signal or energy of anything else.

We than worked a lot on this issue and found out that it is a sort of personal blockage in him and his Chakras since even after clearing off, the blockage takes a very little time to re appear. We tried to talk and consult, but after again a week or so, he got blocked and was again same. It seemed like he need to go for a learning from our Reiki teacher, Mr N. K. Sharma of Reiki Healing Foundation, since he had in his heart and mind, heard a lot of them. This minor blockage was creating other Chakras blocked and due to insufficient funds, he was unable to go to him.

It was however a relief for us to know and understand his issues. Similarly there are many, who need a re attunement for some reasons. The reason could be anything, but for a Reiki Master, it is important to do it properly and happily since the energy transfer,  if done smiling and happily, is done better. We would just advise all the receivers to be optimistic and positive towards their Reiki teachers and other energies too. They should avoid being negative or feel low since if Reiki energy has once flowed through them, it ensures them that they are chosen.

my sincere request to you all is to always live life happily, even if there are obstacles or failures. Success will definitely come towards you however it may take sometime or delay. If you chose Reiki as your path, you are entitled to get success in your life. Reiki is light and Reiki is a sure shot friend.

Thank you all for helping me write this article and share with you all.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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