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Why do we ask Reiki practitioners to always speak truth and avoid lies

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on October 28, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to each one of you for so many energy and information filled mails, which are at times a pillar and a great support to us. Your every comment, suggestion or even critic help us somewhere in looking at our inner self and a better self realisation.

Last week, we got a great book, send by our fellow energy Mr B. V. Rao, who was at a senior post in our business associated company. He has taken his voluntary retirement now, as he is now busy in self realisation and most of his time goes into meditation only. He left his job, as he felt that he had to lie a lot of times and have to accept many things, which were unethical. He asked me to read the book and adapt some of the few in my life, if I want to pursue my goal. 

I have started reading the book, but I apologise that I forgot the name of the book and Author, but I promise to give it to you later. One article hit my heart was that why do we lie, when we can speak truth. It was really touching and remarkable article. It said that those who speak lie, probably scared and trying to run from reality. I understood this point, as if we are lying for some even small point, the reason is that either we are avoiding it or simply scared to face the consequences. If we Reiki practitioners are doing our work with sincerity and are honest to it, why do we need to lie. 

Also, as we all know that when we lie, we block our own Heart Chakra, stopping the flow of energy in our all seven Chakras. When I was reading further pages of the book, I realised that this book is full of good and useful points, which if we all follow, we could transform our life. The only need is to come from our inner self. We should at least try to speak truth all the time and avoid lies. We should remember that one small lie give rise to a hundred more lies, and we never have to remember any truth, while we have to remember what lie we spoke to whom. Truth is always a truth, which helps you in gaining your self esteem and a better self confidence. 

My sincere request to all of the readers is to try to implement and speak truth to yourself and fellow energies. If it looks like difficult, try to give it a try for a few hours, and than make it a routine. With time, you will see that your life becomes easier and much more colourful. The energies around you are much more open and transparent with you in all matters. This will also help you in achieving your goals and manifestations, since all of your blockages will be burnt.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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