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why do we ask our receivers to work on their healings despite they are given Reiki energy

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on October 11, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your regular comments, emails and are trying to reply a few of them in articles here. We try to write an article here for your replies, as we think it is a better way of expression for us to share and help any kind of query, so that it is also able to help any other as well.

Today morning, we were asked by one of our receiver that if he is already in our Reiki Milan grid for improving his relationship, why do we ask him to contact his friend. He was confused as since he was being done Reiki and so was his ex girl friend, so Reiki should bring her to him, despite any kind of blockage. He mean that now Reiki should bring him his desired girl friend to him without any kind of efforts from his side now.

Well, we request all of our fellow energies and Reiki energies to understand this one thing very clearly that we are all simple energies and Reiki energy is used only to burn blockages and make a smooth passage for love and happy life. Using Reiki healing energy in our Reiki grid, we are making continuous efforts to burn any kind of blockage in one or the other energy. This Reiki energy as we all know is a powerful, positive energy, strong enough to break and burn any kind of blockage. However, the receivers if keep try to work on their healings, like contacting their partners, or trying to contact, similarly, if their is a Reiki healing for a good exam or interview, the receiver has to work for it too.

Reiki just make things easier since it just helps in burning the blockages and thus helping receivers and their wishes fulfilled. With this joint effort of a Reiki healer and a positive and active receiver only a good Reiki healing is done. If the receiver is negative or have doubts on Reiki energy done on him, the healing may take time longer than expected. We just want all of our receivers to stay positive and supportive as is needed in a good Reiki healing. The delays may be due to the deep blockages which could be in either of the receiver or the healing is too difficult to attain. However, we all try to do Reiki healings for what is reasonable and similarly we also give initiation for a lighter wish manifestation than anything beyond our reach.

We do hope that this Reiki article will help you understand for what is needed and what has to be done and what is to be avoided. We are grateful to you all for sharing your views and love filled kind comments with us and our fellow energies.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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