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why do Reiki practitioners or healers give up Reiki healing

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on December 14, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to all of you, for your kind queries, which are helping us and many others in the journey towards a blockage free life. As most of you are aware about us and our mission in life, which is just to spread a better knowledge and information about Reiki healing energy. This is just to clear any kind of blockage about any kind of positive cosmic energy, so that all are able to use them in their lives.

Since long, we have been meeting and seeing an unusual phenomenon across the world, which is strange but true. We met and heard about many fellow Reiki Masters, who do Reiki teachings, but avoid any kind of Reiki healing. They even ask other Reiki practitioners to give healing to them or their family members, if required. Some were even accepting Reiki healing from receivers, and forwarding it to other Reiki practitioners.

This really made me confused and I felt that I should work on this subject too and write an article for clearing blockage from it. Firstly I thought that they avoid giving Reiki healing, as they were very busy with their schedules and it was difficult for them to do so. Also some Reiki practitioners have too many requests and they find it difficult to accept everyone. Since there were many questions popping in our mind, we thought that it would be better, if we talk to some than just thinking or discussing with fellow energies at our centre Reiki Energy Healers.

After making my mind, I started talking and discussing this with fellow Reiki Masters, who were denying Reiki healing requests. Some told me, which really surprised me, as they were even doubting me if Reiki healing works !!. They were indeed a good Reiki teachers and were also having shops which sell Reiki tools, but hearing this statement made me confused. Some said that they feel very weak, after giving Reiki healing to any energy, so they stopped doing so. Some said that after giving Reiki healing to anyone, on any particular Chakra, they felt like the blockage was burnt from receiver and came on to them. Some told me that they stopped accepting the requests, as most of the receivers, either were having doubts on Reiki, or wanted it without any energy exchange.

Some stopped as many of their receivers assured them that they will pay the fees or do any other mode of energy exchange, as mutually accepted, but later denied. Since they were also following energy exchange, the way I follow as learned, I was able to understand this, better.

Now, we all must understand that Reiki healing energy, always works, however it may take sometime, depending upon the blockage or negativity. Since we all are just a reflector of Reiki energy, we can never get the blockage or negativity from our receiver. (The reason being simple, as we completely burn the negativity or blockage in our receiver). One more reason here could be that the Reiki practitioners might have forgotten to disconnect from their receiver, after the Reiki healing procedure is completed.  

One of the growing reason we saw and understood is lack of energy exchange. Due to this, a receiver and healer, both have to suffer to some extent. There are some receivers, who want everything for free, without any energy exchange, and some, who have a very little trust on Reiki Healing. They just want to test the energy, thus ask for performing the exchange later, which they deny later. 

We also would like to suggest every Reiki practitioner to work on themselves first, than giving Reiki to any other energy. Until self blockages are cleared, it will be difficult for us to clear the blockages from any other energy, and this is one of the reason, when the healer doubts on itself. Also, some start giving Reiki healing, without cleansing the blockages from Chakras, which result in delay of Reiki healing. We must understand that the importance of cleansing is much more than the healing.

I hope that we all must understand that giving Reiki healing to any other energy is safe and without any side effect. We must clear our own doubts about it, so that we can perform a good and successful Reiki Healing. I am thankful to all of my fellow energies, who helped me write this article.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to all of you and yours.

Vineet Jain


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