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Why do receivers see colored light during Reiki

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on July 19, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your continuous requests and queries, as solving them give us the concept and idea for writing an article here. To write an article here is never so easy for me, since everyday when I get up, I start to think of what to write and share with you all. I know that it may look very simple and a normal work for some, but for me, it really was impossible, until I got support and love from you all.

The first day after getting fresh and coming on my computer, I first of all check all my emails and facebook messages or if there is anything on yahoo messenger. While chatting to some of my daily friends, I try to find something or the other, which could come up as an article here to help those who may need it. Similarly, today morning, I got a message from our fellow Reiki Master from London, U.K. who was asking a phenomenon happening to her receiver. She told us that while doing Reiki healing to her receiver, the receiver told her that she was seeing white color light around her and was confused on what was that. She knew that while doing Reiki healing, she was suppose to visualize colors and that Reiki is a white light, but how did the receiver saw it was the question. 

Friends, as we all know what the receiver goes to a Reiki healer, for burning off the blockages in any of Chakras, and if the receiver is too positive, it helps the Reiki energy to flow easily and in a shorter time. This means, while the Reiki healer was giving Reiki to the receiver, the blockage got burned in a very short span of time, and the receiver was healed in time, lessor than thought or expected. Sometimes, the quantity of blockage in receiver is so high that it takes a long of time to clear and receiver is unable to feel any vibration, light or even any sensations during Reiki healing sessions. Similar feeling or sensations, visualization of colors is also seen at times during Reiki attunements, touch healing sessions and any other energy transfer process.

Sometimes, similar feelings or vibrations are felt by receiver and the giver, even at long distance, and this may be term as telepathy. I will explain about Telepathy in some more detail in my article later on, or there could be an absurd weird combination of understanding here. I however am sure that this all is a common phenomenon, and with regular practice, a good receiver can become a good Reiki healer too in future. I am thankful to our friend and fellow Reiki Master from U.K., and you all for your Reiki blessings and all the love you are showering at us and our Reiki healing center.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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