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Why do astrologers or other readers fail to predict any Reiki or other energy system practitioner?

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on January 17, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for sending your kind queries with suggestions on improving our blog and much more helpful to all. It is really good to see all of your love and accept the blessings, as this is what we needed in order to sail in the boat called life. We got some interesting queries today, which I also got during my last trip, when I was in Dubai and it was that why do most of the readers, like in Astrologers or else are unable to predict about any Reiki or other energy system practitioner.

This question may sound strange, but as most of you know, I also had some knowledge and interests in the field of Astrology, Tarot Card readings, Numerology, Palm reading, Hand writing analysis etc., but am now focusing more on Reiki. This question once again reminded me of my earlier time in 1989, when I showed my birth charts to a birth chart reader. He saw my charts and told me that I will be working here in India with my father and I will never be able to travel out of India or deal in any kind of foreign exchange. This made me sad a bit, but as I have been having a great number of friends in my circle, I was okay with what he told me. However, deep in my mind was running a small thought that how can I break this curse or the blockage as was being predicted for me.

After sometime, I almost forgot all what he predicted and now today, I am having many friends, a great social circle and also income from exports and abroad energies. Today, I have traveled many countries, namely Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Doha, Bahrain etc., which were totally sort of dream for me. Later I realized that when we think too much about anything, positive or negative, deeper and deeper, the law of attraction make it possible. This is one of the reasons, when people say that even after being predicted a good time as per their charts or other readings, they are going through a bad phase of life.

We can all see that all energy system practitioners always tend to be positive and promote all to be positive as well. This is just for the reason that of we see, visualize and think positive future, we will be getting the same. Also, using the energy systems make it easier and much faster.

This is one of the most important reasons for which we can see that most of the predictions or readings done for the energy users go wrong. We must understand this small thing here that anyone in this world can try to make desired changes in their life, using deep visualizations. If we are using any kind of energy system, we just increase the intensity and force of pulling, enhancing our law of attraction, so as to attract our desired.

I am sure that after reading this article, you all will try to focus at your target and wishes with a much greater force of thought and higher, positive level to get it to you. We have everything with us and we can achieve anything in this world, so come, let us fulfill our dreams and make our life blessed with love and light.

I am thankful to you all for your nice and helpful queries, suggestions and energy exchange in whatever form you all did.

Reiki blessings, love and light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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