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Why are we unable to feel any energy while doing Reiki healing at times

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on July 11, 2012

Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for your regular emails, some of which are so much full of information, love and light, that we feel overwhelmed. A few are send by some fresh Reiki practitioners, who want to learn a lot and are curious on what they can do using Reiki healing energy. Similarly, while talking to our fellow Reiki Practitioner from Europe, we were forced to change our today’s topic for the blog, and I do hope, that it will be liked by many of you here.

She asked us that she has been doing self touch Reiki healing for quite sometime, and at times, she feel the sensation and vibrations in her hand and body and at times, she is unable to sense it. This kind of question, we have been hearing from many Reiki practitioners all around the globe, and I think that this may be the curiosity of many. As we all know and are able to sense some kind of Vibrations or heat while giving Reiki healing to any other energy or even to self. This is just an indication that Reiki energy is flowing from one energy to other and once this sensation stops, we can understand that the transfer to the receiver as per need was done, so now we just need to establish and disconnect.

However at times, Reiki healers or receivers or both are unable to feel any kind of vibe or vibration during this Reiki healing process, and they feel like too much blocked due to this. We all must understand the reason for why such happens and what is the reason for making us unable to feel any kind of sensation. Friends, as we all know that Reiki energy flows from any of our Chakra and goes directly to the receiver’s that particular area, where it is needed. We also understand that our connection during Reiki healing process is done through our Solar Plexus Chakra and should be disconnected through it only. (Since a baby when born is also attached to the Naval with a string and it is this cod, through which all the feeding is done to it.)

If the vibrations are missing, or we are unable to sense, it could be due to one of the various reasons, as we found and can differ from time to time. (a). It could be due to the blockage of receiver is too much, or the blockage has been persistent for over a long period ( the disease or blockage is too old, so may take time to heal). (b). The receiver has been getting Reiki healing for quite some time on regular basis, and may feel immune to this heat or vibrations. (c). The Reiki healer is himself having any kind of blockage or is using a lighter energy for Reiki healing. (d). if Reiki vibrations are unable to feel at the place where hands are placed, receiver may try to concentrate on other Chakras, since Reiki might be directed at some other place, where it is needed. (e). If the blockage is too much, one will feel some sort of heat or vibrations around Solar Plexus Chakra since it is the most sensitive area of our body.

I will try to research more on this topic, and will like to request you all too for helping me and guiding me more, so that we can help our fellow energies in a much better way. I am sure that your help will be able to spread lots of love and light in the life or a lot of energies all over. I am thankful to you all for your loving emails, which are touching my heart and many others in this Universe.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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