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Why are Reiki healings not successful or why Reiki healers are unable to give a permanant solution for any healing

By admin | In Success Stories | on October 12, 2010

Why are Reiki healings not successful or why Reiki healers are unable to give a permanent solution for any healing

We have been reading and hearing about Reiki Healing and that any person is having a lot of positive results of the Reiki Energy. However, at times, we also hear that some of the healings are not success. Sometimes, the problem of any receiver comes back and healing need to be done. Some health or other issues keep coming back, and the faith on any healer is reduced. However, we hear that the healer was doing healing with his best of intentions and was honest to it.

Do we know what is the reason behind these failures or why are the healings not a success? Why do some of the health or other issues keep coming back and why are we unable to keep the faith on our Reiki healer or Reiki master?

Friends, I must try to emphasis on this small fact that all the Reiki Masters or Reiki healers are true and honest to their profession. I have seen none of the healers doing any kind of fraud or doing lessor healing for any healing. All the healers do their best and give their best of initiation to the healing given to them, exceptional cases are those fake Reiki healers or Reiki masters, who prove themselves to be one, but are not one. I have seen many of the people proclaiming as one, but know nothing about Reiki or have only heard on net or read books.

The reasons for any unsuccessful healing can be understood here. Most of the people do not have faith on Reiki. so there is nothing like acceptance in them. Till the time they are good receivers, they cannot get the best of Reiki Energy Transfer. and until there is a good energy transfer, no healing can give a good result. Similarly, some of the Reiki healers or Reiki masters or other healing practitioners ignore energy transfer. Sometimes, even the receiver is not very much comfortable with the energy transfer in terms of payments or else. But the healer is under some emotional bindings or social bindings, so has to do healing. This result in imbalance in healing transfer, and the outcome is no healing or only a very little effect. Sometimes, the problem arise after a short time of healing and the receiver seem to be having lessor faith on the healer.

We also see that at times the re occurring of problems in one’s life despite of Reiki Healing or a failure, even if a Reiki grid is created for the receiver. The reason is only blockage in the receiver’s side. The Reiki Grid and Reiki healings are always working, since it is an energy transfer done to cure the blockage. If the blockage is having a difficult time to break off, it means that the receiver is not willing to do so. Sometimes, there is a sick person on bed and unable to response. The family people calls in for Reiki healing, but are having doubts on Reiki or are unwilling to pay till the person is okay. This can be not only in the case of any person, but any matter related to property or finances too. In such cases, I have seen delays or a negative result in the healing. I must suggest that the receiver or the person coming for healing MUST be positive and must act as a good and positive receiver. Until there is a good response to the energy transfer, the healing will not be successful or may have unforeseen delays.

I want to suggest you all here to have faith and trust on Reiki and that it always works. It is only us, who delays or create blockages in the healing. I hope you all understand it and imply in your personal lives too, so as to be a good healer or receiver.

Thanks for reading this article of mine and spreading your love and light

Love and Light

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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