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Who are Reiki Energy Healers

By admin | In What do we do | on November 10, 2010

Reiki Energy Healers

We all the Reiki Energy Healers are all same as you all, just a different energies. We, here means I myself, my friend Jitender Kumar, our fellow Reiki Grand Masters Mehul Jain, Navneet Mathur, Sudhir Rampal and Reiki Healers and would be Reiki Masters as Yashodhan Borkar (DUBAI), some more and you all Light workers. We here at REH, are trying to create not only Reiki healers, Reiki Grand Masters or better light workers, we are trying to give them our best of knowledge, and experience of life, which they can use in life to create many more. My mission in life is not only to spread love and light myself, but I do aim to create many more light creators. When my purpose of life is complete, I just wish to go and mix up my energy with the supreme energy.

I am here not having anything, which is impossible or negative. I just wish to spread love and happiness in all the hearts around me. I am here to teach you all the facts about Reiki and other spiritual healings, to spread the need of energy exchange, share all what I and other light workers can do, so as to spread a better knowledge and understanding in this Universe.

We all the light workers who use Reiki for healing or what I should call as removing the blockages in other energies, are called Reiki Energy Healers. We people use Reiki Symbols to heal people. These Reiki symbols can be either made with the help of at least one finger, any crystal pencil, normal pen, pencil, full palm, tongue, eyes and can also do by visualizing in our mind. The energy of these symbols is powerful. Most of people. gets confused if these symbols will work and if they do, how do they work.

Fellow friends, as I have been discussing you all that we all are just a different form of energy. Anything in this universe is mere a different form of energy. When we make symbols using any other energy, it creates a powerful energy and cures other energy, for which it was created. Many Reiki Masters ignore symbol science and do some new innovation of themselves. With my personal experience, I have seen things giving better results, when we use this symbol science. With the help of these symbols, we have been able to cure kidney damages, cancer, liver damage, psychic attack, cataract and many others. We have even treated some relations as well, using these symbols.

I am sure that you all are able to understand a bit about Reiki and Reiki Energy Healers here, what we do and what we teach. I must explain you one more thing here, that without proper attunement of any level, please do not use any symbols on yourself any other. I would also like to explain you all that without being a proper knowledge and attunement of Reiki, please do not use Reiki symbols or Reiki healing. I know that there are many fake Reiki Healers in this world, but it is just not a right thing to do so. When you meet a real Reiki Energy Healer or a real Reiki Master, you can judge it with their talks, attitude and the energy flow around them.

Thank you all friends, for helping me share thing article and helping me spreading love and light around this universe.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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