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When things keep getting slipped from our hands

By admin | In Our Chakras | on January 14, 2011

When things keep getting slipped from our hands

Fellow Energies, here we are once again with you sharing some good and useful articles. We have been looking at some great people, who are doing awesome in life for sometime and suddenly, all just seem to be slipping from their grip. Here we mean the immediate downfall of any relationship, business, character or even the capability of one Energy. This all seem to be strange, but we have seen such cases around us very often.

Like for example, we see a sharp skid to the Nadir (bottom) for some good and big business tycoons, some major upside down for some super stars, weird and wrong predictions by famous Astrologers, Numerologers or Tarot card readers, Healthy living energies got down on bed for no reason and unable to get cured. We here just mean that there are some, who see a abnormal behavior in their routine living.

This all and similar to these, there are many instances, which we go through in our life. It is really confusing and strange to hear and believe when such information comes to us. That is the time, when we believe that there is something heavenly, which is governing us all and we are all just a puppet who act as are ordered. However, we are also forced to think for the reason behind their or our steep failures.

As per our conclusion here at Reiki Energy Healers, we all are sharing some of the few reasons, so that we must understand what to do and what to avoid, so that our life is blockage free and is a happy life. We had some people like this, and were forced to think and discuss for the reasons behind this reversal of fortune of some. After a lot of discussions and meeting with people, we came to know of some amazing facts.

Some people when are getting good success in their career and personal life, get a bit of too high self pride and ego. Some also get grouchy, selfish and a bit shred as seen at times. This is just due to getting praise by their well wishers and some who want their extra care. Sometimes, some envious people who are unhappy with the success of these, do psychic attack or black magic for stopping their success. When we realized all this, it made us a bit sad, but since we always wanted to share all the useful info with you all, we are sharing the cause and remedy to it.

As we have always been asking you for doing Energy exchange and paying gratitude towards others, we will try to emphasis on it again here. These successful people need to avoid self pride and ego. They also need to be grateful towards others close to them. Being polite, softhearted and grateful helps all in a better and comfortable life. Sometimes, donations to poor or feeding birds and animals also help. Taking bath in water with about 8-10 tsp of Rock Salt per bucket of water is also advisable. However, taking help and guidance of a Reiki Master, deep meditation and hypnotic therapy also helps. The treatment may take a few days to a few months at times. After the treatments, the Energies need to be positive and grateful always. By doing all things as stated above, we have seen good results in all the Energies. We all the members of Reiki Energy Healers wish to see the same and a good raise to the Acme for all of those who faced a slip. Our good wishes and blessings are with you all, always.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

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