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What to feel and get when doing self reiki Healing for 21 days after basic Reiki learning

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on September 2, 2011

What to feel and get when doing self reiki Healing for 21 days after basic Reiki learning

Fellow energies, we are happy to see than now a days, almost everyone is getting aware of Reiki energy and wants to learn and help spreading their share of love and light in this Universe. It is really good to see that now, there are a lot of positive energies, who are taking an Oath to stay truthful and helpful. Since this Universe is getting weaker and weaker every second, due to corruption of energies, character, nature and almost everything, we need to find some solution. But, since so many white light workers are coming in to existence everyday, we are sure that we will be able to see this mother Earth shine with white light.

This week, we got an email from one of our facebook friend on what he should expect to feel or what changes he will be experiencing after Reiki level 1 workshop. He meant that he had taken his basic Reiki workshop, and had been given a 21 day task to charge his 24 body parts using his Reiki charged palms. He was confused as he was unable to feel any kind of sensation as other students were getting, and was rather stressed if his attunement was done fine.

We read this email and are trying to explain it for him and others as well, so that everyone can understand and clear doubts for it if any. In the workshop for basic learning, we have been taught to invoke Reiki energy keeping our hands upwards in sky, and visualizing a Reiki shower on all of our body. You can try to see this image we are having here, so that you can visualize better. 

Reiki Shower

Reiki Shower



After invoking Reiki energy, we should charge our both of hands with it and than place our both hands on our head. The hands position should be like that our all fingers and thumb are intact and the palm is airtight on our body. The Reiki Healer should perform this all self healing with closed eyes, so that the visualization is much more clear and better. The Reiki Healer should be able to feel the energy coming out of palm on into body. One should also maintain either of palm to stay on the body while changing the location of palm. This is done so that the connection of Reiki energy is unbroken and one is able to get it till its needed.

Reiki Shower

This self healing helps any Reiki healer for abolishing almost all kind of medicines, if taken normally for headache, body pains etc. We have seen it working even for a Gastritis, acidity, heart aches and even for stones in Kidney or Gall Bladder. Similar Touch healings are seen to give great results for Cancer treatment, toothache, eyes trouble, ear deficiency, and have done some good healings for mobile and laptops. We had done some similar healing for my own LCD TV today, and the mechanic seem to be amused at my working and the aftermaths.

Anyway, we are really thankful and grateful for your articles and questions, which we are happy to reply with. Its really good to see your moral and positive support with us and our fellow energies.

Love and Oight to you and yours

Vineet Jain



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