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What to do in case of Hypertension (high blood pressure)

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on June 4, 2015

Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for writing me so much and am sorry for writing and sharing it too late. I have been busy in my business and several readings / analysis on to healing. There have been a lot going on in my personal and professional life here, and am sure that this article will help you understand the reason.

First one is a good news, which I want to share with you all is that I have started conversation with my mother after about 20 years. I had been just silent, whenever she tried to talk to me, and all of this was due to some personal grudge, I had been holding against her. I know that many of you will be annoyed as I had been portraying myself as a nice guy and this might break your heart. Well, I am unable to share what happened in my past, but I can just share that everything is fine now and we are now back to friendly son-mother relationship.

Second one is for my business, as I have been working on my mission of spreading awareness to the world for saving water and growing greens. I am now a days, also giving free demonstration to a group of 8-10 green lovers, where ever I am given the opportunity. I am still a lot behind to get even, however I am never going to give up.

The third and final reason for me, away and the reason for inability to write, share article has been that I am once again working on something new in for healing. Since last few months, I have been working on Rawterian meals and have been studying about various reasons, for which we are forced to take medicines, which later make it compulsory to take everyday as a supplement. One of such cases is Hypertension (high blood pressure), where once we start taking a tablet, we have to take it everyday religiously, without ignoring a single day. After studying about the research done by various energies across the world, what I found was astonishing.

Hypertension means that our blood pressure is high, indicating that it is running fast in our veins. It is mostly due to blockage in our own veins, which in order to reach to other parts of the body, has to work more. Heart also starts pumping more, so as to make the blood reach the body organs in time. It could be because of the junk meal, wrong meal or any other intake we took in past. If we take any medicine for this, as desired by any physician, it just means that we are just trying to slow down the heart pumping rate, which could be worse for our own health. The allopathic medicines just slow down the heart pumping rate, as is desired by the medical practitioners. I am extremely sorry and would like an apology from the medical scientists. I admit that I could be wrong and I can easily be proved wrong too, since what I am saying is without a concrete evidence with me. However, if the readers try to understand and think beyond, they will understand that I am correct.

The medicines might help your headache, dizziness etc. for a while, but could prove fatal at a later time. Since these medicines are thus making us rely on them and we are forced to take them for life, as they become compulsory for us and our life. This is because as the blockages which later on become clear, and Heart try to run at a normal rate, the forcefully slowing process makes it run faster. In order to control it, we again need to slow our blood pressure it for whole life, we become a bounded labour of these medicines, whose dosage just keep on increasing after a certain period. Now, we eat, breathe, sleep, drink anything or else, but we all MUST have to follow the daily dosage of their medicine.

I will request all, who have just started showing any significance of high blood pressure, should immediately switch on to rawterian meals. Going Rawterian simply means having raw, fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and sprouts. I have tested this on myself and trust me, my own blood pressure is reducing and about normal now. It was shooting high due to meals and my hectic routine with stress in business and family mounting it higher. Now, I am relaxed, living in NOW and giving up my own stories for past.

I am sure that you all can do it too and move to present, with something great for your future.

Thanks to you all. Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

 Vineet Jain


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