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what to do if Reiki does not work

By admin | In What do we do | on December 4, 2010

What to do if Reiki does not work

Fellow energies, I am glad to see you here with me. It is really a pleasure for us to share our experiences and findings in Reiki and other alternative medicines. We have been doing Reiki Healing, crystal healings, Reflexology and a lot more since past years. It is always a blessings from god to see our receivers getting recovered and having a smiling face from the healing they receive and the after effect of it. I am usually giving my best of intentions and concentration while Reiki Healing or any other therapy and try to pay full of attention to the Aura and Chakra imbalance of the receiver.

Sometimes however we see that Reiki Healing, crystal Healing or even Reflexology is not working. We kept on thinking of the reason and are often confused of the reason. We have seen that Reiki Healing done by any healer is unable to give any good result. The outcome is only for a short period, or I should say that the effect of healing has a short life. This if is repeatedly occurring on one person only, we need to try to pay a bit more attention to it.

I must ask you all to diagnose the real culprit of the cause. If a problem is there for over one week or the patient is unable to be patient for long, one must try to advice a physician for a better check up. However, in the meanwhile, it is the duty of a Reiki Healer or Reiki Master to check all the Chakras of the receiver. One can also check all body parts and blockage in body with the help of Kinesiology, using Reiki instruments or equipments. Once you are able to get hold of the issue, you will be able to heal a lot better. I am sure that if we Reiki Healers use every effort to do a good healing, but if the outcome or result is different from what we expect, we try to find a better solution.

We can also place a picture of the receiver in our crystal grid for a continuous and much more energetic healing. Sometimes, if we provide a programmed and charged crystal also helps receiver a lot. We have seen this working while someone is going for any examination or interview. We Reiki healers can also program and charge the paper, pen, room and all the things that come in contact with the receiver, but it all depends on the perception.

Thank you all for reading this article of mine, and sharing your kind views and comments on the articles on this site.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

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