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What to do after Reiki Mastership

By admin | In What do we do | on November 24, 2010

What to do after Reiki Mastership

Fellow Energies, most of our Reiki Energy healers and Reiki Masters are coming to me and asking on what do we do after attaining this noble post. It is a good question, since many of us energies think that after being a Reiki Grand Master, we just need to do as taught, and should just follow. however, it may seem strange to some, but our life is not as easy as it looks to others.

We Reiki Masters need to control our feelings, emotions and need to be strict with our daily routines. We all are very optimistic and are almost always in a smiling and a happy mood. This may seem strange, but some of us keep looking for improvements in Reiki and the Healing methods, than those were taught to us. It is our moral responsibility to learn and teach our students. Now, the question may arise that where and how do we learn these new ideas and ways for better healing or else. How do we create new Reiki symbols on our own.

We all meditate, think a lot and find out all these new things in our meditation only. We try these new ideas on our Reiki Healing and forward the latest update to our students. This may sound strange, or else, but me and our most of Reiki Masters are still learning. We all are working on many things, like why do people get a failure in life, what was the reason. What is the cause of failure in life, and some other issues. We at times also have to work on some healings, which take longer than the normal time and some, which do not get healed.

This type of issues need a lot of time, patience and deep meditation for us. We people keep on learning for new Reiki techniques and some other things for better and effective Reiki healing. It was due to some of great Reiki Grand Masters only, that use of Camphor, Olive oil, Crystal, Dowser etc. came into use. It was those noble people, who tried, understood and shared their knowledge and wisdom with us people, so that we can be a good teachers like them.

Kineseology is told by Indian Reiki teachers, since it was started in teaching by Mr Sharma of RHF, and since we are also their students, we have started teaching our students as well. Due to this coaching given to us, we have also taken some workshops of some Reiki Masters as well, since it helps a lot in the healings done by us.

I am always grateful to my Reiki Teachers and will always be. I just want to spread love and light in the world, and give people all the love and happiness, they had been missing.

Thank you all for reading this article and helping me spread love and light in the universe

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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