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What should we expect from any energy

By admin | In Healings | on July 24, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your so many love and information filled emails and are really pleased to get so much of knowledge, that we are glad and happy to have you. We were surprised to get this mixed reaction after writing our earlier article, where we wrote about Theta healing and PSI Ball way of healing, as taught by our fellow holistic healer Sri Ram Bharat.

We got emails from several Reiki Masters and other holistic healers and some of them were very positive and were happy for our learnings and that we will be sharing. On the other hand, we also got some emails in which some told us some negative details about Vienna Stibal the originator of Theta healing. They also gave a few website’s links which claim that Theta healing was a hoax and was unable to give any good or positive outcome in healing. After checking further more, we were amazed on our finding and are sharing a few of those with you all. We all know and have already discussed in our earlier articles too, that success of Reiki healing in general is dependent on a receiver’s positivity and blockage. The time taken can also be related with the attitude and blockage of receiver and sometimes on the Reiki healer as well, or the affirmation used.

We were told that Vienna wrote different experiences about her personal healings using Theta healing and it look like a fraud. I however am going to debate on this, since as per my personal experience, I am having a short term memory and keep forgetting things. This is one of the reason for me to write articles here, so that you all can learn from my personal experiences, what all I can or want to share. Therefore, it is easier for me to understand that she too, as a normal human must have skipped or have forgotten what she had experienced or written earlier. Similarly, when it comes to the success rate of a healing, we should never count in terms of time taken or number of the positive outcomes, rather we should see that she used a positive approach and the way to perform healing was quite different and unique. I personally am using it in self and our receiver’s healings, but I am also using Reiki symbols and positive affirmations.

I am pretty sure that if someone is unable to get any results or unable to clear any blockages of any receiver, the reason could be anywhere. We all should keep on learning something new and should also be open for any other kind of new learning, as positive thoughts, learning are always good and may help somewhere in future. When I was learning Reiki and was taking my Reiki Grand Master’s degree from my Reiki teacher Mr N. K. Sharma from Reiki Healing foundation (RHF), I was just positive to it. And now, when I was learning Theta healing and PSI ball healing, I was again positive and had open Heart Chakra and was clear, so as to absorb all I could. Similarly, my sincere request to people who are getting too much delay in their healings or are unable to see any positive effect, should keep on working with simple positive affirmations. We can also try to attempt any other way and should be open to learn and practice any other but positive way. We also must understand that the healing may take more time than is expected, but it will be done. The purpose of any kind of holistic healing is simple and pure, so as to spread positivity, so we must always be good and positive towards it.

I am thankful to our fellow energies, whose email made me write this article and am thankful to every energy, who has helped me learn and share here. I am grateful to you all here who read the articles written by me here and boost my morale in writing a few more on here.

Reiki blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet jain


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