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What keep us working

By admin | In Gratitude | on September 19, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to your all the questions and are pleased to reply them with the same positive attitude as with what we started. We are thankful for our Reiki teachers and fellow energies, who gave us such and enormous thought level and made us reply all of these queries. We know that we have been working on many Reiki healings and are working on since long, but we also have got failures, and like others, we do had to accept rejections.

We have been asked by many of our receivers and fellow energies that what keep us working with more and much more positive energy every time. They also want to ask that despite failures, what keep us think of using new techniques and infusing in our Reiki healing practices. It was rather unusual for a normal Reiki Master to use so many different things, in for a Reiki healing and then call himself a Reiki practitioner. Well, my reply to my loving fellow energies and critics is that I very well understand that what I am doing today, is definitely a lot different from what Mikao Usui Taught in 1850.

Friends and fellow energies, we are pleased to have your kind support and will always be thankful to you all for being with us. When we did our Reiki grand Mastership, we were just thinking of what and how to use this great energy in for our or for the use of others. This was going to be really difficult task for us, which was then solved by our Reiki teacher Dr N. K. Sharma. He told us that the main purpose for Mr Mikao Usui or any other teacher, including himself as a teacher is to see that we are able to burn blockages of any healer. Any blockage or negativity is to be burnt from our receiver, using any method or technique, since this is what should be our intention only. He said that we should only concentrate and have one focus on how to burn blockages and make a safe passage for Reiki energy.

Since I have been a acupressure practitioner and was giving one hour everyday in a charitable healing center, I asked our teacher if I can use acupressure or any other healing process and include in our Reiki healing. He than started smiling and touched my head and said that he was pleased to see so much different and curious students in the workshop. He then replied that after our this workshop, we were free to use any method prevailing or that ever come into existence, but our main motto is to get the positive results to our receivers. He told us one more thing that we must perform all of our experiments on self first, before applying on our receivers. This is because that we should give our best to our receivers, since who ever come to us comes with a great hope and admiration. Our receivers have a face of God to us, and we must all respect and have to be thankful to them. Even if they perform energy exchange for our Reiki healing, in terms of fees or else, but still, we have to be grateful to them. We should always perform our Reiki healing with our honest and sincere heart, so that our intentions are always good and help our receivers.

After our final workshop, it took some more time for me to realize what I had done and what I have to do more, so from the day I woke up, my hunger for better is still there. Even from my failures, I try to learn that this mistake should never be repeated and this should be avoided. I am still trying to learn more and more, but stick to what gives a good result in healing. I think that this is the reason for our regular hike in our Reiki healing and Reiki workshops, as we keep on updating our students with what we learned. There are some Reiki teachers and Reiki practitioners, who keep on following the same track and using same old techniques, without giving in for new.

We would suggest all to come to Reiki, only if you want to be happy in your personal life, and believe me, only if you are having a good personal life, the Reiki healing as done by you will be successful easily. You will be able to perform and work on different and any new technique with ease, without any difficulty or blockage. If you feel like we are charging higher for our workshops, I just say one thing, which my Reiki teacher taught me. he said that if you are able to perform just one successful healing for yourself or your family, after paying your fees for Reiki, your money should just be taken as an investment. You all should avoid asking for discounts or else, but only if you are unable to pay, since if we are giving our all to you, you should also try to be open. Asking for discounts from anyone, just mean that either we are making useless profits or we should reduce what we are planning to give to you.

I am sure that my message to you all is simple and clear, so please be open, friendly and reply me with your emails or comments about it. I would love to have your comments and suggestions about my point of view and how we should work using Reiki and other energies. We are thankful to you all for your kind and nice words and are sure that you will try to understand me and my sincere request to you all.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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