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What is the use of Deep meditation or Hypnosis therapy in Reiki

By admin | In Meditation in Reiki | on December 2, 2010

What is the use of Deep meditation or Hypnosis therapy in Reiki

Fellow energies, we know that meditation is the food for Reiki Energy Healing and Reiki Energy healers. The Reiki energy transmitted is much more faster and much more powerful, if the receiver or the sender is doing good and deep meditations for the healing. Sometimes, a deep meditation or a Hypnotic session is needed for a better healing, if normal healing is unable to give good results.

This is just for the reason that at times, there is a lot of blockage in our sub conscious mind and we are unable to receive any positive energy or thought with ease. This time, when we perform deep meditation our all senses are too much conscious and awake towards everything, that comes our way. We at that time, are able to accept all, that is coming to us. We at that time, with the help of other Reiki Master or self meditations or while this session of Hypnotism, are able to burn all of the blockages of our body and are able to receive all that is needed by us.

Most of the blockages are removed in one session of deep meditation or Hypnosis therapy, but at times, some need more than one. It depends upon the blockage one has, so sometimes it can take upto 11 times to clear off all the negativity and blockages. One of the best deep meditation I had been through are Deep Chakra meditation, Past Life regression and Future Life progressions (FLP was designed and developed by me, my Reiki teacher and some of my friends at REH here). I am grateful for all I have taught and how to learn a bit more. I am sure that this deep meditation helps us in learning and knowing more about ourself, our blockages or in treatments of others.

Sometimes, we also do Astral Travel in this deep meditation and Hypnosis process. At times, we are unable to be on the driving seat during meditation, and our sub conscious mind take us to places, where it is practically impossible to reach. Some of us are able to see those foreign lands, which one has never been in life or saw on television either. During PLR or FLP too, most of us go through a strange pattern, which is a totally new experience.

These all help us in a better Reiki Healing and remove our blockages and negativity from our life. We have seen that after these sessions, our life see a lot of change in a positive manner and we are able to live a better and comfortable life. I would suggest you all to talk to your Reiki Teacher for the same, and please try to enjoy these sessions with your full intentions. Doing all what we are doing using our full positive attitude does help us in a much improved manner.

Thank you all for reading this article and helping us to spread love and light in the Universe.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

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