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What is Reiki grid Healing?

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on March 19, 2012

Fellow energies, we are happy to read your emails and suggestions, for which we are always open to reply with our best of  solutions. It is our pleasure and honor to help you all with the best of our information and knowledge as were taught by our Reiki teachers, or as we learn through our experiences.

Yesterday evening, we were asked that why do we ask everyone to go for a Reiki grid healing for 21 days, and what exactly it is. Actually, we all have shared the Reiki Grids we use in for Reiki, for our Goal manifestation and Relationship Sati grid. These are the Reiki grids, made on plastic or metal, with Reiki symbols drawn or scribed on them, so that they are full of Reiki energy. The different Reiki Healing need a different set of Reiki symbols, which means that we have to use different Reiki grid for different Reiki Healing.

But however, our Reiki healers and Reiki Masters have a different set of Reiki Grid, with certain symbols and crystals and a initiation, which programs them for a regular healing, 24X7, for 21 days. However, for the Reiki Grand Masters grid, we got all the Reiki symbols, and we can use as many as Reiki grid plates, crystals and programs the way we want. Now in our Reiki Grid, we are having a few Sati Reiki grids, several Reiki Healings for personal or business improvements. It is our personal experience that the more the number of Reiki healings, Reiki Grid plates and crystals are there on our Reiki Grid, the energy is more in it. It also speed up the Reiki Healing and give better results as well.

We at our Reiki Healing center, started our Reiki grid with a size of 10X10 inches, which started growing almost every month or so. Today, we are having it of the size of 36X26 inches, with a good acrylic pyramid to cover the top, with a height of about 24 inches. However, just today we ordered a new Acrylic hollow Pyramid of 48X48 inches with a height of 36 inches, so it will be much more powerful and bigger in size. If anyone get to start their Reiki healing and their place in this Reiki grid, they are always protected from any kind of black magic or negative energy. Their finances improve and they have a lot of improvement in their personal lives.

Most of the receivers, who come in for a Reiki grid healing, seem to appreciate this continuous flow of Reiki healing a lot. They love staying in the Reiki grid for improving finances and personal relationship, plus protection from any kind of negativity. We are really happy to share one small secret of mine, which is to have a huge Reiki grid of about 12X12 feet, in a good area. It should be with too much of Reiki grid plates, more crystals and other positive energies, covered with a huge acrylic pyramid to cover it.

We are sure that you all would have understood about the need of Reiki grid healing, and the reason for us to get better results through Reiki grid healing. It just accelerates and boost up the Reiki healing energy, clearing the blockage at must faster velocity.

We are thankful to our Reiki Teachers, student and fellow Reiki grand Masters Navneet Mathur, Sudhir Rampal, fellow Reiki Grand Master Jitender Kumar and you all.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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